Obama wrecking GM…

July 6, 2009

GM CEO Barack Obama seems determined to wreck what’s left of the auto maker. Consider “Economics Wasn’t GM’s Only Criteria for New Plant” from today’s Wall Street Journal:

When it was deciding where to build its new compact car, General Motors Corp. made a point of saying it would push politics aside and use strictly commercial criteria.

So Tennessee’s three top officials were astonished last month, in a meeting with GM, when they were told the first two criteria were “community impact” and “carbon footprint” — or how the choice would affect unemployment rates and carbon-dioxide emissions.

“Those didn’t strike us as business criteria at all,” said Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander, who was joined in the meeting by fellow Republican Sen. Bob Corker and the state’s Democratic governor, Phil Bredesen. Those factors, Mr. Alexander said, “seemed odd for a company struggling to get back on its feet.”…

… The federal government’s outsize role in the new GM has already raised concerns about the mixing of politics and commerce. Lawmakers, such as Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), chairman of the powerful House Financial Services Committee, have squeezed GM to reject plant closures in their districts. Obama administration officials have prodded the car giant to develop smaller, more fuel-efficient cars.

The Obama administration is hoping for a public offering of stock in the new GM next year. LOL!

3 Responses to “Obama wrecking GM…”

  1. […] Politicians, and LABOR, cannot run a corporation for profit.  They can only LOOT it…. Don’t everyone rush out the buy the New GM stock right away.  The US Government will be subsidizing GM and Chrysler from here on out… From: GreenHell […]

  2. dublds Says:

    Great! Obama is playing chicken with the will of the people. And he will lose. GM stands for more to American citizens than the progressive politics of a nobody, already destined to be a one-termer. The hippies still don’t understand that they lost a long time ago. And using a little political opportunism to dismantle an American institution and turn it into a hippie fairy camp, is not going to be without consequences.

    GM had problems when it was run by people invested in it’s success. GM 2.0 will be like dressing the American Dream in drag and parading it in front of the world. This isn’t France. And it isn’t France for a reason. And it’s too bad President I’ve-Never-Earned-Anything-On-My-Own doesn’t understand that reason. But before all is said and done, this foolish little experiment will become the shame that he will be remembered throughout history for.

    Tennessee is a strong union state. Watch how quickly Obama’s base erodes when he opts to trade Union jobs for more pandering to greens. I hope you all are paying attention to this ongoing live demonstration of why Communism/Socialism ALWAYS FAILS. Obama’s will fail before it even gets started.

  3. tarpon Says:

    Colonel Obama’s Government Motors will sell more suicide clown cars than the old Soviet Union did. well — maybe not, but they will try.

    The problem with government anything is it’s government. Can’t fix that.

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