Senate Surprise: EPA Administrator More Honest Than Energy Secretary in Climate Hearing

July 7, 2009

At today’s Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing on carbon control, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) showed EPA administrator Lisa Jackson and Energy Secretary Steven Chu a chart depicting the extremely limited impact on atmospheric CO2 concentrations that would result from unilateral action on emissions by the US. The chart had been developed by the EPA for last year’s Warner-Lieberman bill.

When Inhofe asked Chu if he agreed with the chart — i.e., whether unilateral US action would have only a negligible impact on the CO2 level — Chu said he disagreed.

When Jackson got her turn to comment on the chart, she essentially agreed that the chart was correct and unilateral US action would accomplish little.

I guess Chu didn’t win his Nobel for honesty.

Here’s the video:

One Response to “Senate Surprise: EPA Administrator More Honest Than Energy Secretary in Climate Hearing”

  1. mrtouchdown Says:

    Mr. Chu believes in money. I believe he has received his share and now it’s time to do the deed – that is, do everything to help the greenies enslave us that he can!

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