GE brings surveillance to life

July 10, 2009

General Electric and smart-grid start-up Tendril have agreed to develop “smart” appliances that work with the coming “smart” grid, reports Smart Grid Today (July 9).

The deal is pitched as allowing consumers to control their GE appliances via the Internet — but it probably also means that others would be able to monitor and control them as well, including hackers, local governments, local utilities, etc.

North Korea was recently blamed for wreaking havoc in U.S. government networks. We’re going to be really PO-ed if Kim Il Jung interferes with our thermostats and dishwashers. Of course, we won’t be any happier if Barack Obama does the same thing.

4 Responses to “GE brings surveillance to life”

  1. billbrb Says:

    checking your washer and dryer is not the scary part about the smart grid. Big Bother will be able to tap into what is going on in your house and what you and your family and friends are talking about. Remeber the novel 1984 it is all coming true. Remember that power lines can be used to transmit data and as well as deliver powwer. We need Tesla system of transmitting electrial power thru the air.

  2. dublds Says:

    Sometimes someone comes up with a product and you say “Hey I never thought of that but what a great idea”. This is not one of those cases. I heard about these refrigerators and said “why?”.

    Assuming that you can neither put food in, take food out or clean the thing remotely, what is the point of a refrigerator being networked. Especially one from GE/NBC/MSNBC/The Communist Party. If it’s not to spy on your “unsustainable energy consumption” for purposes of someday taxing you for it, then I don’t certainly can’t fathom what it would be for.

    That said they will sell millions to brainwashed greenies…

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