‘Green justice’ in Georgia trashed on appeal

July 10, 2009

The Court of Appeals of Georgia has overturned last year’s decision by Fulton County Judge Thelma Wyatt Cummings Moore to invalidate the permit issued for the $2 billion, 1,200 mega-watt Longleaf power plant, reports Carbon Control News.

JunkScience.com readers won’t be surprised since the Court of Appeals decision is based on the legal rationale laid out last July in this column by Steve Milloy.

Click here to read the Court of Appeals decision.

4 Responses to “‘Green justice’ in Georgia trashed on appeal”

  1. virginiakev Says:

    There needs to be a lot more done to people like Al Gore and the quasi scientist of the IPCC for the needless panic they’ve created. All anyone ever asked for is proof of man-made global warming. Now we have an entire government pretending to be experts in everything, including science.

  2. cbullitt Says:

    I asked you about this a few months back, Steve. Speaking of law suits…

  3. cbullitt Says:

    Woohoo. Wins are so few. But yeah, the Zombies will probably find a Hairy-chested Nut Scratcher they can claim is endangered by the project.

  4. dublds Says:

    What a victory. In one court in America, logic reason and fact won out over propaganda and special interests.

    Enjoy it today, this problem will be fixed by tomorrow…

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