Hero of the day: Sen. Lamar Alexander

July 14, 2009

Carbon Control News reports that,

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) says he would not vote for any climate change legislation that places a mandatory cap on carbon emissions even if it fully incorporates GOP proposals to build 100 new nuclear plants in 20 years, electrify half of the U.S. vehicle fleet, expand offshore drilling and double energy-related research & development.

Unlike trade association embarrassments like EEI’s Tom Kuhn and ACC’s Cal Dooley, Sen. Alexander is not trying to make Waxman-Markey a better bill, he flat-out opposes it.

2 Responses to “Hero of the day: Sen. Lamar Alexander”

  1. johnnylucid Says:

    Bravo, Sen. Alexander! Kuhn and Dooley apparently never go the memo that one has a moral obligation to defend oneself – so that try to go along to get along. What nimrods.

  2. dublds Says:

    Kudos to the one man with enough in his sack to be a denier first and politician second.

    If you and your constituents don’t believe in this nonsense, why meet anyone halfway (read: do half the damage).

    Kudos Lamar. Way to stand your ground.

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