Wind weakens UK energy security

July 14, 2009

Excessive reliance on wind power jeopardizes the UK’s energy security says, the business advocacy group CBI.

According to a report in the Financial Times, CBI warns,

Britain will see rapid growth both in wind power and in new gas-fired power stations – needed when the wind is not blowing.

That will make the country more dependent on imported gas, from Russia and elsewhere, more exposed to volatile commodity prices, and less able to cut the CO2 emissions produced by burning fossil fuels.

Instead, the CBI wants more help for investment in new nuclear reactors and “clean coal” power stations that can capture and store emissions.

It’s too bad that CBI doesn’t yet understand that, if CO2 emissions are all it’s worried about, then coal is already “clean.”

One Response to “Wind weakens UK energy security”

  1. higgy68 Says:

    It has long been known that any wind generated energy requires some type of non – environmentally dependent energy source, such as, coal, oil or nuclear. This situation exists for solar generated energy also. This highlights the shortcomings of these types of energy sources. T-Bone Pickens can make the entire state of Nevada a wind farm, but if the wind stops its back to candles and shanks mare.

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