Greens move to block new TVA reactor

July 16, 2009

The Sierra Club and other green groups petitioned the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to stop the construction of a second reactor at the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Watts Bar Plant in Tennessee.

WBIR TV (Knoxville) reported,

“TVA keeps pushing for more nuclear reactors in spite of massive cost overruns they always have when they build them,” said Bill Reynolds, a member of the Tennessee chapter of the Sierra Club, in a written statement.

The group also raises concerns about the safety of the reactor design.

6 Responses to “Greens move to block new TVA reactor”

  1. kgolfinghawaii Says:

    I am starting to think we need to fight these assholes tooth and nail. If they are up in a tree we need to cut it down. They either leave or fall…pun Honestly, we have to fight fire with fire with these people. Just too many of us work for a living to be able to go out and protest them. We should go protest on the sidewalk outside the log cabin the Sierra Club president built. We should protest anything these morons say or do. Why would someone want to make their species extinct? I am all for them being extinct. They should all be sterilized so they can’t reproduce. They do NOT have good intentions. They are evil people with situational ethics, vile mouths, attitudes about others that are just plain hateful. I know what I am saying sounds hateful, but unless we fight back against these so called intelligent morons we are doomed. We will not win over evil by being nice. It will attempt to kill the rest of us.

  2. glenncz Says:

    Instead of one 2400 MW Nuclear Reactor, they would rather liter our landscape with 5,000 turbines which is about equal in output to the nuc. But of course even that would not work, because the wind blow when it wants to, and the Nuclear Reactor will always be running. These people are completel wack jobs and working as hard as they can to ruin our country.

    Note that the 2400 MW Nuclear plant down the road from me ran at 100%, 24/7 365 days last year! They finally shut it down for maintenance in April this year. Because in April/October we don’t need AC or heat much in Penna., but of course that is when the wind BLOWS the most. DUH!

    5000 times 2 MW times .25% output = 2500 MW
    Of course there i quite a bit of slippage in the wind, because the output varies so much, so add another 20% on top of that.
    It is likely to get very very worse before it gets better, Europe is leading the way in stupidity and we are following as quickly as possible.

  3. cbullitt Says:

    Gee, the cost overruns wouldn’t have anything to do with all the LAW SUITS AND REGULATORY BULLSHIT these cocksuckers foist on them?????

  4. welder4 Says:

    These people are the reason our electric rates are at their highest ever . we should be paying about 50% less then we do now . and due to this constant barrage of standing in the way or tying them selves to a tree we can expect that the consumer will pay for it all.The Tennessee Valley Authority has always been the innovator in energy and now they want to stand in their way , if they do not stop, it will be a bad next five years for all of us. The cost over runs can be directly tied to the tree they stand in front of.

  5. higgy68 Says:

    It seems the “greens” do things like this just for the sake of doing something without giving any thought to it. If some of these nut cases would have their way we would have no electricity, no transportation, etc. In fact, their optimum would be the extinction of homo sapien.

  6. virginiakev Says:

    Show me a nuclear engineer that works for the ‘Sierra Club’, to advise, and I’ll show you just another person who is out of touch with reality. If the ‘Sierra Club’ doesn’t want to live in an energy independent country then perhaps they should leave the country. This is not a third world country aiming to unharness nuclear energy with some intent on harming anyone or anything.

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