House bill strips salary from climate czar

July 16, 2009

An amendment to the 2010 Financial Services bill (H.R. 3170) offered by Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) would prohibit the payment of salaries to Obama climate czar Carol Browner, her deputy and anyone on the Council on Environmental Quality, according to Energy & Environment Daily. The vote is expected today.

A Broun spokesman told E&E that,

“These federal agencies do answer to Congress, but the people that oversee them in the White House do not. This is not right. … If the administration feels that there needs to be an overarching person or agency to facilitate the flow of information between the numerous federal agencies beneath them, then that’s fine, but this person, or people, need to be confirmed by the Senate and be subjected to congressional oversight.”

Browner probably doesn’t need/want the money anyway since:

  1. She’s married to DC super-lobbyist Tom Downey, who until Browner’s White House appointment, lobbied on energy and environment issues. Now Downey’s firm has limited its practice to taxes, healthcare, financial services, agriculture, banking, trade, communications, labor, housing and more.I’m sure having a spouse who directly reports to President Obama is of no use on those issues.
  2. Browner is a socialist who, I’m, sure would rather redistribute her salary to the masses.

3 Responses to “House bill strips salary from climate czar”

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  2. welder4 Says:

    I wondered when the congress would get tired of Obama usurping control from under them . it is plain to see what his motive was and is to make his own group who answers to only him and not congress. Just another item that will be defeated by the power of pelosi and her thugs

  3. zeezil Says:

    Good idea. Afterall, aren’t all these eco-zealots just committed to the ‘movement’ that will enrich them as they destroy our economy through their power grab?

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