Video: Sen. Boxer chastised for playing black groups off each other in hearing

July 16, 2009

Watch Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) get chastised for trying to pit the NAACP and another black-led business group against the National Black Chamber of Commerce in a racially-charged Senate hearing on climate.

Sen. Boxer’s seems to insist that the view of the NBCoC is offset by the NAACP’s view simply because both are black groups.

9 Responses to “Video: Sen. Boxer chastised for playing black groups off each other in hearing”

  1. kaziklibey Says:

    If she’d done the same to me, I too would have been extremely insulted. I’m not black, I did, however, also serve in the United States Army, where there is, or at least was back then, only one color man, that being a green man (not ignorant misanthropy rooted “enviro” green, the olive drab color kind), and wonder what more could the man do to at least get a minimal amount of respect from Boxer.

    Tarpon is correct “With Democrats everything is about race, groups and payouts to those groups — for votes.” Nonetheless, I think it goes farther than that. Many Democrats still feel they own blacks, leaving their liberal plantation is not allowed. By Boxer’s reasoning, since the kapos in the NAACP are in the Democratic party’s pocket, the ‘little’ black man addressing her would be wise to fall in line, too.

    Hat’s off to Mr. Alford for standing up to the despicable petty tyrant Boxer, who would love nothing more than to reduce all of us to mere slaves and property of the ruling Liberal aristocracy.

  2. moronpolitics Says:

    So… When the NAACP testifies does she insist on entering opinions from THIS guy or Urban League or RagingElephants or ANY conservative black groups to offset THEIR testimony? I don’t THINK so…..

  3. skeptic79 Says:

    As much as Boxer irritates me. I don’t think that black guy had any right to wine about race when his group and the groups he was being contrasted with are both race based. She was simply playing the game that these racist groups play. Hypocritical crap if you ask me.
    If say you speak for black people then you better be able to handle being contrasted to other black people who may not agree with you. Of course all this could have been avoided if these groups wanted to make a better place for everyone instead of a better place for just blacks. Who are the real racists here.

  4. keepdad Says:

    Boxer is a senator, so she “represents” the whole state. That doesn’t say much about the people of the state. Which could explain why that state is in such a mess. They would be wise to press the “delete” button on this one the next time she is up for re-election.
    Actually enjoyed the gentleman’s responses to Boxer’s thinly veiled attempt to pander to his blackness. He sounds like someone I could like.

  5. higgy68 Says:

    Remember, Boxer represents California, the left coast. There are more nuts per acre there than any other state in the union. Look who else represents California – Pelosi, and Waxman among others. Need I say more.

  6. welder4 Says:

    This puts the finger on what is wrong with our government . until we purge these silly brain dead people from office we will not have any thing to say about any issue, they will ram it through no matter what . the reports are from people who have vested interests in green energy. I am for any energy that will work but I am not for cutting the legs out from under the economy to get it. Nuke power and now the TVA is getting the green treatment from these so called do gooder’s .

  7. bemidji74 Says:

    She didn’t seem to mind being refered to as “Mam” in this confrontational exchange.Last time I saw her she dressed down a military General for referring to her as “Mam” rather than Senator.

  8. tarpon Says:

    As a Committeee chairman she is supposed to be fair — Here she is trying to stack the deck with crap endorsements so it seems like something it’s not.

    In the case of AGW, the theory predicts that there should be a measurable hotspot in the upper troposphere. Observations from satellites and weather balloons have been made, and no hotspot has been found. In a less politicized field, this would have been the end of it.

    Need new theory.

    With Democrats everything is about race, groups and payouts to those groups — for votes.

  9. virginiakev Says:

    Barbara Boxer is supposed to represent the people of her district and their interests. Is her extreme liberal, anti-freedom, socialist points of view her own or that of the citizens in her district?

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