Manufacturers go Judas: 1.5% of allowances is the new ’30 pieces of silver’

July 20, 2009

American manufacturers are ready to sell America down the river if they can get an extra 1.5 percent of the CO2 emission allowances allocated in the Waxman-Markey bill.

In a July 15 letter, the American Materials Manufacturing Alliance (comprised of the Aluminum Association, American Chemistry Council, American Forest & Paper Association and the American Iron and Steel Institute) asked Sen.  Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) to increase the free allowances allocated to energy-intensive manufacturers from 13.5% to 15% percent — a modification “valued at billions of dollars over the life of the program.”

Beyond the “30 pieces of silver” nature of the manufacturers’ request, granting it would mean that some other special interests would have to lose 1.5% of free allowances — so look for an intensified struggle among  the rent-seeking thieves for the free taxpayer money that free allowances represent. Over the life of Waxman-Markey, Congress would issue $9 trillion worth of allowances.

Here are the Judases that are willing to betray America to the Marxist-Socialists for an extra 1.5% of Waxman-Markey’s free allowances:

Steel's Tom Gibson

Steel's Tom Gibson

Aluminum's Steve Larkin

Aluminum's Steve Larkin

AFPA's Donna Harman

AFPA's Donna Harman

Chemical's Cal Dooley

Cal Dooley: Willing to screw America for Waxman-markey lite

3 Responses to “Manufacturers go Judas: 1.5% of allowances is the new ’30 pieces of silver’”

  1. johnnylucid Says:

    Clearly the leaders of these trade associations (and their dim-witted advisors) are suffering from “Potomac Fever” – their respective members ought to shit-can them and bring in executive leadership that know something about the respective industries’ actual self-interest.

    Enough of the “go along to get along” crap. These industries have ample enough intelligent people to understand what’s going on is a smash & grab for Federal takeover of the means of productions (pls forgive the Marxian trope). AMMA’s let exhibits that the member associations possess no underlying principle, i.e. commitment to a market-based economy, support for reasonable regulation, fair return to investors and shareholders, etc.

    As Chris Horner said in yesterday’s Energy Tribune:

    “Upon scrutiny, covered industry has no option for long-term survival but to pursue victory.”

    The third para of the AMMA letter provides ample reason to pursue victory:

    “…Such increased costs will be incurred by domestic manufacturers and will not impact foreign competitors in regions where weaker or non-existent policies have no energy cost impact…Where such fuels also serve as raw materials in the manufacturing process, the cost impacts are even more severe.”

    How come these schmucks don’t get it?

  2. bear865 Says:

    Greed. Corporatism + Government = FASCISM.

    Fatten that bottom line, even if we have to sell out our “own” people to do it.

    So long as bean counters run out “businesses”, we will continue to get crap like this.

    Pay attention to FLASH’s message. It is full of many core truths!

  3. Flash Says:

    Thank you for naming names and posting pictures.. This needs to be done more often!

    Also, regarding your prior post on Dorgan’s presentation to the Senate on “Cap and Trade,” be careful what you support.. Dornan is no “all hands on deck” supporter of capitalism. This idea that the House version of carbon emmission reduction is flawed in an otherwise virtuous crusade is no different than suggesting that lowered marginal tax rates are good because they end up returning more revenue to the federal government.

    Neither reducing carbon or growing government is virtuous – both should be attacked at their core premise. Cap and trade is immoral because its premise, ACGW, is flawed. Arguing for lowered marginal tax rates under the premise of growing and paying for government is likewise fallatious because income taxation itself is immoral and the ability of government to engage in it and the printing of fiat money are the mechanisms of tyranny.

    We need people who will fight for individual rights and free markets, not better manipulation tactics to “control” the markets or grow and pay for leviathan governments…

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