Smart Democrat of the day: Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer

July 20, 2009

Listen to Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D-MT) shock Bill Maher with the news that he doesn’t support cap-and-trade.

4 Responses to “Smart Democrat of the day: Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer”

  1. welder4 Says:

    He is paid from a slush fund of left leaning liberal democrats , no that is not true but who knows it might be someday. Mr. Maher is not funny I tried to watch him and did for about 20 minutes and after nothing was funny I looked else where and found a cartoon show that was much better . I also know for a fact he is not independent, he is dyed in the wool lib and No one can be an independent and be a lib. I don’t trust any democrat blue dog and not. We must change course in 2010 or we will be sunk I am writing every day to my Senate to say the cap an trade is a do nothing money making scheme for congress and senate so they can make big bucks. Keep your eyes on the ball , it is the cap an trade that they really want to get passed , write them every day about how you want them to turn this bill away from being a law .

  2. higgy68 Says:

    maher is about as funny as a f**t in church. He’s as credible as his cohort franken!

  3. dublds Says:

    Awesome. Dems thought they were so slick owning the Senate Majority when Benedict Arlen Specter jumped sides. How funny that now their goose-that-lays-the-golden-egg-for-special-interests looks like its going to be sunk from within their own party. Beautiful.

    Let me also point out what a pathetic sack of dung Bill Maher is. GREAT stand up comedian, but on the political front, a total douche. He tries so desperately to convince us that he’s an “Independent”. But note how in the span of a 33 second clip as soon as a Democrat doesn’t walk the party line, he dips straight into the Sarah Palin bag. Predictable, unfunny, and straight from the playbook. I thought independent meant NOT DEPENDING on anyone else…For instance, not depending on the Democrat playbook for every position, answer and comeback.

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