NY state employees: Green urinals stink

July 21, 2009

The greens are giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “pissed off.”

The Albany Times Union reports that,

The [New York Department of Environmental Conservation] has been getting complaints by state workers that waterless urinals at their building have created a fetid mess complete with “splash back,” “puddles (of urine) on the floor,” and “unpleasant odor.”

Those using the restrooms at DEC’s 625 Broadway headquarters grew so disgusted that in April they filed a union grievance alleging a health hazard and a violation of work rules protecting employees from “elements, such as filth or pathogens,” according to records obtained by the Times Union.

The grievance was dismissed by DEC, then taken to the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations earlier this month where it also was dismissed.

Nonetheless, GOER’s Assistant Director for Safety and Health, Charles Vejvoda, conceded that “if indeed back splash or public urination is occurring, there is a violation of human dignity and decorum.”

He also recommended that the union and DEC try to work out the issues. Displaying some bureaucratic humor, he listed possible remedies including the use of such protective equipment as rain gear, aprons, rubber boots, gloves, or even reducing fluid intake, but concluded that wasn’t feasible.

Since its grievance was dismissed, the Public Employees Federation union has begun urging DEC employees to e-mail and otherwise inform management when there is a problem.

New York blames its employees. Although Assistant Director for Safety and Health, Charles Vejvoda, conceded that…

“… if indeed back splash or public urination is occurring, there is a violation of human dignity and decorum…”

… he also wondered…

… if workers were exaggerating the extent of problems, writing “this reviewer does find the assertion that someone is ‘urinating above the urinals’ quite troubling inasmuch as such a healthy stream would be uncommon in a workforce whose average age is 48.”

He also suggested that “certain individuals may come up short,” as an explanation for the complaint about puddles.

Now that the greens have screwed up urinals, who wouldn’t want to hand over national energy policy to them?

The new green catch-phrase?

The new green catch-phrase?

H/t to WGY’s Al Roney for bringing this item to our attention.

11 Responses to “NY state employees: Green urinals stink”

  1. […] NY state employees: Green urinals stink The greens are giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “pissed off.” The Albany Times Union reports […] […]

  2. mysteryg3 Says:

    I also worked at a company that installed these green urinals. There was much fan fare over how green they were, and Oh yes they stinked – BAD.

    Notice how dismissive the DEC is of the workers? Nothing like laughing in the face of a complaintant to really tick them off. Much less blaming the operators.

  3. glenncz Says:

    The theory is, Man is Bad. Exxon who keeps our house warms and has allowed many of us to drive effortlessly a Million miles by age 50 IS BAD. That’s bad…Since everyone who has anything in this world uses their product and the people who don’t use it sure wish they did. That is bad. So let’s devise this “elaborate” (and how they know to be elaborate) “theory” to fit the Man is Bad that runs through our head. And since We are Good, we can convince all the regular “folk” in this world who will believe anything that is on TV, and also we will get the TV man to go along with it, cause they will make money just like we will!

    So we start with something easy like convincing people that if we take the effort to put out 3 cents worth of plastic that takes 10 minutes of time to gather and move, if we can convince people they are “good”, and not “bad”, by doing something DUMB like that, well then we can work our way up. Then we will be able to convince them that doubling their electricity bill and watching monsters spin is good. And since we are so SMART, we are scientists or we KNOW the scientists, then we can convince the people who watch TV all the time, cause they know they are not all that smart and they will want to be “good” and listen to the “smart people”. And of course experience in this world is everything. Cause you know we never saw the artic lake before, and they showed us the lake, which we never saw before, we saw ice, so we know its’ true. So why are bothering to ask us to read all those words when we saw the “lake”, and the scientists told us. And the guy on TV, the guy on Good Morning America, with the big smile and blond hair, he told me a couple months back, during the Catlin expedition, the ice might be all gone next year. Yep. And soon they will show me the lake!

  4. bear865 Says:

    c024al is right. The whole world is being moved towards the ULTIMATE FINAL SOLUTION! And the useful idiot “greens” are only too happy to help, even though it will end up cutting their own throats as well.

    The “final solution” used by the German NAZIs and Labor Zionists on the 6 million Jews and 5 million other “untermenchen” in Europe, which had been initially concocted in principal part by the alliance between the German NAZIs and the German Labor Zionist Party (legal in Germany until ca 1936 or so), and finalized (ca 1942, I think) at the Wanasee Conference (Berlin Suburb) was only the opening shot.

    “Barry” has as his science advisor a crackpot Ph.D. who helped write a government policy manual that concludes that world population must be soon reduced to TEN PERCENT (10%) of what it is now. The manual is very expensive, and since this has come out it has become unavailable. The Ph.D. also has a following of other Ph.D.s he has turned out who violently advocate the same immediate 90% reduction in world human population. (I suppose they think they are going to be part of the 10% this program will allow to survive; in reality, more “useful idiots”.

    Radical environmentalism is a huge part of this ULTIMATE FINAL SOLUTION. But I can almost guarantee you that its useful idiots will no longer be useful when the ULTIMATE FINAL SOLUTION is close to full implementation. Hence they will become just plain idiots, and liquidated along with all the other “untermenchen” in the world.

    The definition of a “holocaust” is “completely burnt offering”. Places the SS had ovens to cremate bodies during the WWII holocaust thus did make completely burnt offerings. But that is a lot of trouble. I suspect when we have been eradicated, they will just dig huge holes with robot equipment and have us bulldozed into them. The cover will be very thick, so nobody will ever even know we were once here.

    BRAVE NEW WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. welder4 Says:

    that is the most decrepit start to a worse case when they get their hands on private urinals and have us use a flushing system that does not work , the water level for flushes has been decreased to where you have to flush two and three times so that idea also went haywire . I will summarily run off any one who tries to force me to use this in my home, they are screwing up the lighting and now they want us to dry flush urine and manure.It will present a health hazard that will be the worst in the free world every one will wind up sick. What next out houses ?

  6. c024al Says:

    Hay people focus on the real problem.
    We have a population problem!
    Modern sanitation and medical advances have all attributed to over population. The use of green toilets and the coming of Obama’s medical system of rationing will move us all to THE FINAL SOLUTION!

  7. bear865 Says:

    There must be some clever lawyer somewhere who will sue everyone who had anything to do with these worse than idiotic devices. I am sure the “greens” had a hand, at some level, in developing case theories of “products liability” over the past 60 years or so. Now would it not by justice if all that came back to bight them in the ass? And this might not be covered under products liability insurance, although I doubt any court to day would balk at the source of the monetary award, so long as someone could be made to pay, justly or not. TheAlGore probably has his fingers is this “punch” somewhere. And regardless, he will probably profiteer anyway, which is the other object of the “greens” besides wrecking the Nation and keeping the world, in general, in abject, grinding poverty. Did anybody out there want “change”? Well, you got it. I hope you enjoy it.

  8. blackswan13 Says:

    I had to work with these things at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey California. They stink like hell (no air freshner will work). The cartridges are expensive and are changed at double they rate (suppose to last six monthes-they last two if lucky) Look what articles you get when you search Falcon waterless urinals and Al Gore.

  9. elsacodetoro Says:

    As a mechanical contractor I have had experience with waterless urinals. A good idea in theory, but horrible in practice. 90% or more of the problems can be directly attributed to poor maintenance.

    I wouldn’t put up with them in my building either.

  10. bicballpoint Says:

    Well, well, well, now we have physical evidence that the Greens are a bunch of
    P..s Artists.

    What will they do when the undiluted urine corrodes the waste trap and pipework, supply hose to pee in instead?

  11. johnnylucid Says:

    I’d suggest loading up on air freshener products, even buying stock in the manufacturers…but the air fresheners might contain, OMG! PHTHALATES! Wouldn’t want to screw around with the ano-genital distance of succeeding generations! Oh no, can’t have that!

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