Tar sands emissions on par with U.S. crude oil

July 24, 2009

“Two independent studies have found direct emissions from producing, transporting and refining oil sands crude are in the same range as those of the other crudes refined in the United States,” reports the Alberta Energy Research Institute.

These are important studies as the greens are moving to block the import of oil produced from Canadian tar sands. The 2007 energy bill, for example, prohibited the U.S. government from purchasing oil from sources (read “Canadian tar sands”) where the greenhouse gas emissions are greater on a lifecycle basis.

2 Responses to “Tar sands emissions on par with U.S. crude oil”

  1. kaziklibey Says:

    That seems to be the case, higgy68, actually it goes farther than that, they would appear to lack knowledge period.

    Take the MarketWatch dot com article “Study shows big savings with Cash for Clunkers” for example (this is a WSJ site? shame on you WSJ for promoting idiocracy) Having personal experience in auto trading, a quick read through of the article showed only loss, no savings whatsoever. The article is basing these imaginary savings on the mistaken idea that anyone in their right mind pays MSRP, not hardly unless you are a fool, in a period of slumping sales as we are in there is no way I’d pay anywhere close to sticker price. As for the government voucher end of the deal, do you pay taxes? It may be a deal for those who don’t pay taxes, or for those who do but want to ram green down our throats, otherwise, no, you do not save money by moving it from your right to your left pocket.

    If it’s savings you sincerely desire, then negotiate the same below MSRP that the voucher would misleadingly appear to give, a real savings not a fake one, then sell your clunker, a real gain. If you need to make yourself “feel good” that your “clunker” is off the road, have it crushed yourself.

    Why can’t these people just be honest and call it what it is, an attempt to manipulate American’s feelings of guilt to trick them into buying cars they don’t want. And the reason they can’t be honest is, of course, as they know from experience, their lunacy sold “as is” would be quickly rejected by the vast majority of the public.

    And they say car dealers are dishonest, compared to these green peddling mafiosos, the most dishonest car dealer is a saint!

  2. higgy68 Says:

    I get the impression that the greens, like just about all protesters, protest for the sake of protesting without any understanding or knowledge about what they are protesting.

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