Ft. Collins’ 80-year ‘zero-energy’ nightmare

July 28, 2009

Ft. Collins plans to build the largest “zero-energy district” in the world in which the neighborhood generates as much power as it consumes, according to Newsweek.

But “zero-energy” doesn’t come at zero cost. Newsweek reports:

Officials estimate that the Fort Collins project will cost roughly $350 million. The stimulus money kicks in only $4.8 million, which leaves the city to do significant fundraising. Money could come from a mix of government, private investments, utility companies, and research and development grants. “It’s a ton of money, and there’s no way we can do this on our own,” says Mike Freeman, Fort Collins’s chief financial officer and economic-development guru. “The biggest risk for us is that we won’t have enough money and that this will take 20 years.”

The so-called FortZED district contains 7,000 commercial and residential customers. So that works out to spending $50,000 per customer.

The average electric bill in Fort Collins is $50.66 per month.

So it will take more than 82 years for FortZED to break-even.

2 Responses to “Ft. Collins’ 80-year ‘zero-energy’ nightmare”

  1. bear865 Says:

    It seems the whole Eastern Slope north of Denver has now turned into some kind of “Peoples Republic”. It used to be only “The Peoples Republic of Boulder”. Now it appears to be far worse.

    It will not go north of the state line, however. The peoples of Wyoming and Western Nebraska will not put up with this shit! As a matter of fact, neither will most of the rest of Native Coloradoans. If “something” starts because of all this GREEN IDIOCY and other reasons, Colorado may be one of the first states to start “it”.

  2. dublds Says:

    I love the spin job. “money could come from utility companies”. While Obama may be trying to force companies into things that put them out of business, I don’t think too many are doing it voluntarily. So I highly doubt that utility companies are pitching in to LOSE 7000 customers.

    But hey, then again the whole idea of spending $50000 to offset $50 is unbelieveably stupid, so maybe I shouldn’t give credit where its not due…

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