Chevron gets its wish?

August 4, 2009

Chevron’s fondest wish came true in the second quarter of this year. We used less energy, just like it’s moronic willyoujoinus ad campaign urged — as a result Chevron’s profit declined 71% from 2008.

... and she did.

... and she did.

Chevron CEO David J. O'Reilly innovative business strategy: 'Don't buy my product'

Chevron CEO David J. O'Reilly innovative business strategy: 'Don't buy my product'

5 Responses to “Chevron gets its wish?”

  1. dublds Says:

    I was on here a few months ago opining on the same topic. My conclusion was that since Chevron was publicly advertizing their desire to NOT MAKE MONEY, that I as an investor would be more than happy to short the Sh&t out of them.

    You’ll be happy to know that Chevron got their wish of losing money and I got my wish of making it.

    “I Will Join You”

    Translation: “I’m rich beeyatch!”

  2. antigreennuke Says:

    In most cases more consumption equals more business equals more hard work being done buy both the buyer and seller!
    What the greens don’t understand with their “anti consumption” (aka consumer’ism) campaigns: We PAY hard earned money for everything we consume!!! Or in other words, a “consumer” is automatically a “producer” since he had to earn the money first. It’s not that we just consume and live off everybody else. They just don’t understand how business and supply and demand works. For them, someone filling up gas is just “depleting” “our” oil – they ignore work and have simply no respect for money.

  3. billlangston Says:

    I’m glad that others have noticed this farce. They run that ‘commercial’ on PBS before the News Hour every night and I can’t help from screaming at the TV!

    It is the stupidist commercial I have ever seen by far. They deserve the loss in revenue in my estimation.


  4. bmerr2009 Says:

    Na. He didn’t cause us to spend less. We just did. And he got his wish. I say, present him with the Darwin Award, fire him and fine him for being a Darwinian Award winner.

  5. wizardjr Says:

    This is positively Darwinian. I love it!

    The CEO should be fired and fined by the Board and charged with malfeasence for costing the share owners a fortune with this stupidity.

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