Next: Cash-for-refrigerators

August 6, 2009

Actually, it’s already happening. The New York Times reported (Aug. 4):

Last week, New Jersey began a statewide program that offers residents a $30 rebate by recycling eligible refrigerators or freezers. Old refrigerators and freezers in Vermont also fetch $30, under a program begun last month.

But is the taxpayer subsidy necessary? According to the Times:

Utilities commonly estimate that homeowners can save up to $150 a year on their electricity bill by dumping their old refrigerator or freezer. Old refrigerators, made prior to 1990, also use three times as much electricity as new ones, the utilities say.

3 Responses to “Next: Cash-for-refrigerators”

  1. sbartsch Says:

    Maybe a 20 year old Refrigerator has problems, but I had a Fridge that was 30 years old and until the compressor finally gave out, it worked like a champ.

    Green? Probably not. Energy efficient? Doubtful. But it DID close with a thunk, open with a hard pull (indicating good seals), and keep my ice frozen.

    Things USED to be built to last in this country…

  2. tadchem Says:

    Any refrigerator THAT old (20 years or more!) will have other problems such as leaky seals around the door, cracked body panels, and stubborn offensive odors. There are very few refrigerators still in service that are old enough to vote. This reeks of another political “See How Green We Are! Vote For Us!” program.

  3. johnnylucid Says:

    Too bad I vacated my natal state, Jersey, all those years ago.

    A new freezer is what Mrs. Lucid wants as gift on the occasion of our 30th wedding anniversary. She’s such a practical gal…and green too!

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