John Kerry to coal: Surrender or face destruction

August 7, 2009

Sen. John Kerry (D-Green Mafia) has made an offer that, he says, the coal industry should not refuse.

As reported by Carbon Control News, Kerry said at a hearing earlier this week:

“All these companies that are sort of stating exaggerated opposition to [cap-and-trade] based on very unrealistic modelling need to stop and consider what their models are going to look like when this is regulated by the EPA without any allowances and without any auction, because then they’re in for a very different economic world… [EPA regulation of CO2 is] going to happen if we don’t do something up here, and I hope people hear that message loudly and clearly. They are smarter and better to come to this table and work with us as they did with the House to find a solution here. It may not be ideal, but the alternative I would think for most of those companies is going to be they will be regulated… “If you care about coal in America—and there are plenty of senators up here and plenty of states that do, and reasons to do so—then the only solution is not to sit there and wait to be regulated… [The only way coal can continue to be used is if it can be made to burn cleanly]… And the only way to burn it clean is to have clean coal technology. And the only way to do that is through this kind of a mechanism where you have $10 billion dollars over 10 years going into that clean coal technology. If it’s regulated by EPA, there’s no money going into clean coal technology.”

Translation: If the coal industry stops fighting the green mob, it will get taxpayer welfare for the rest of its days. If it doesn’t, the green enforcer (EPA) will rub it out.

4 Responses to “John Kerry to coal: Surrender or face destruction”

  1. bear865 Says:

    Bring him out west, tie him to a railroad track (Union Pacific or BNSF, does not matter) and introduce him to a 300-car loaded coal train. Dublds would definitely be proven right about the color of blood. In fact, we could introduce several of these crackpots and devil worshipers to 300-car loaded coal trains in a similar manner. After all, when Oblubba’s “Science Adviser” says 90% of humanity must be murdered (I presume to “save the planet”), a little tit for tat might be just what the doctor ordered. Oh, and BTW, human beings tied to railroad tracks do not turn railroad signals red (stop train). Ergo . . . . . . .

  2. dublds Says:

    Maybe John Kerry should learn about the history of coal miners and the lengths they are willing to go to protect coal. Lead pipes to the head are nothing new for this crowd.

    And since when do we tolerate elected officials making threats against someone else’s constituents? When did John Kerry become our BOSS instead of our EMPLOYEE? I thought we made it clear to him 5 years ago that his services were not wanted or needed. We are giving these people WAAAAYYYY too much power, and these threats and the people who make them, need to be brought back to reality.

    It will all work out though. If there is anyone who will quickly remind you that you still bleed ketchup red, its coal miners. Keep talking shit John…

  3. michaelwsmith Says:

    Congress completely abdicated its responsibility to be THE legislative authority when it created the EPA and gave IT unreviewable, arbitrary, unilateral law-making powers.

    Emperor Obama is now using those powers as a threat — Congress either makes a law or the EPA will make the law. So Kerry is right in that sense. If you are an industry executive, you’re best chance to remain in business is to try and negotiate the best deal you can get under a law made by Congress.

    And Steve’s description is spot-on. Obama’s use of the EPA threat is a disgusting, Chicago-style of “gangster government” — its a demand for “protection money” from industry, with a “green enforcer” ready to rub out any who don’t toe the line.

    Our goose is well and truly cooked. All that remains to be seen is how long and drawn-out the murder of our economy will be — and what level of poverty we will fall to in the end.

  4. higgy68 Says:

    I like how our so-called Vietnam ‘hero'(self inflicted)seems to think he actually knows what he is doing. I wonder how much he is getting out of crap and tax. We already know he doesn’t care anymore about the environment than he does about America.

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