Obama: Post-partisan or Most-partisan?

August 10, 2009

If you listen to President Obama these days, you are likely to hear him attack and deride people who oppose or raise questions about his policies.

Just today, for example, he blasted critics of his healthcare reform policies:

“I don’t find Canadians particularly scary, but I guess some of the opponents of reform think that they make a good bogeyman.”

Also today, he blasted critics of his policy on Honduras:

“The same critics who say that the United States has not intervened enough in Honduras are the same people who say that we’re always intervening and the Yankees need to get out of Latin America. You can’t have it both ways.”

The Detroit News recently editorialized that:

President Barack Obama is chiding critics of his carbon cap-and-trade proposal to combat global warming for being afraid of a future shaped by new energy technologies and thriving with so-called green jobs.

So is he really the post-partisan politician that was pitched to America in 2008? You decide in the poll below:

President Obama: Post-partisan or...

President Obama: Post-partisan or...

... just most-partisan?

... just most-partisan?

2 Responses to “Obama: Post-partisan or Most-partisan?”

  1. dublds Says:

    Who ever even said we should intervene more in Honduras? A corrupt leader was removed by unified citizens, courts, and military for violating the constitution. We should do nothing but applaud and heed the lesson.

    But this is Obama’s deal. As this example shows, not only is he extremely partisan, most of it is direacted at straw men of his own creation. Furthermore he works both sides of the straw man aisle. You won’t have to listen too long to hear him talk about the so-called “Americans” that want “new green jobs for a sustainable energy future”, or the ones who “opposed to the dangers asociated with nuclear energy”. Yet polls continue to show that these people really don’t exist. Or at least their numbers are dwarfed by people who want actually-possible solutions like domestic drilling and more nuclear plants.

    Also, to papiertigre’s point, there is no water shortage in the Central Valley. Truth is, Arnold, in a big showy kowtow to the greens, prematurely called a state of water emergency for the central valley back in March. This despite the fact that rainfall was fairly average. Like green clockwork, no sooner did he did so, California got substantial rain that continued through April and into early May. As a result the water supplies feeding the central valley were at more than adequate levels, yet farmers were stuck with the cost of emergency water that they could have done without. In other words they are stuck paying the direct costs of green alarmism. This even as Arnold, Barack, Algore, and the rest of the idiot gang assert that this won’t happen between now and 2020. Bullshit begets bullshit. When will enough finally be enough?

  2. papiertigre Says:

    Steve there is a protest against the runnaway environmentalism coming up on Aug 28th in my home town of Sacramento.

    These are the hardworking folk of the Central Valley who are being squeezed out of existence by grossly unreasonable allocation of water. In fact the whole of central valley agriculture, literally the breadbasket for most of the country, has being turned into a dustbowl by politicians like Babs Boxer.
    Here’s a story of what is going on. Obama’s Katrina.

    Imagine a city where unemployment and poverty reach such levels as to witness lines over a mile long to get meals from community soup kitchens. No imagination needed as it’s happening right now in the US and not just in one city but throughout a large region of one of our most resourced states; California. Years of drought, increasingly strict water usage regulations, and the actions of Federal Courts has produced just such a scenario in the Golden State. Known for its agricultural base, it presents an incredible irony in that the people standing in line at these soup kitchens are the same ones that in recent years grew and harvested over 12% of the nation’s food and represented our country’s most prolific milk producers. But that was before the government and the extreme environmentalists shut their irrigation water off.

    The media isn’t interested.

    On the 28th a coalition of farmers, rancherhands, lumbermen, and truckdrivers, in conjunction with the tea party patriots of California, in one voice will descend on the State Capitol to protest against AB32.

    Nurture this movement. Give it your support, and it will make you proud. I gaurantee.

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