Bill Clinton: Raise property taxes to pay for green

August 11, 2009

From ClimateWire:

…And a Center for American Progress report released yesterday that pushes for retrofitting 40 percent of the country’s buildings — 50 million structures — by 2020 isn’t ambitious enough, [former President Bill] Clinton said. “Let’s do them all over the next 5 years and put millions of people to work,” he said.

He pointed to financing options on the local level, as well, citing Berkeley, Calif.’s model that allows homeowners to pay for retrofits through their property taxes. “I believe our success in proving there’s a new economy out there requires us to do much more, much more quickly, on the easy ideas,” he said. “Nobody is thinking of this on a scale. It is so simple.”

But Bill, no one ever said that ripping off consumers and taxpayers was complicated.

3 Responses to “Bill Clinton: Raise property taxes to pay for green”

  1. dublds Says:


    Want a better America, follow Bekeley’s lead.

    These are the same people that vandalize their local armed forces recruitment center. These are the people who want to trade Christmas for Kwanza. After being the Governor of Arkansas and spending 8 years as president does Wild Bill still not understand that the Berkeley mentality represents the furthest fringe of America? Nothing going on there is going to play well in middle America, even if only by virtue of the fact that the idea came from Berkeley.

    Slick Willie need also understand that even in Berkeley green things are a hard sell. Last November, when the option to expand carpool lanes through Berkeley was put to a vote, it was soundly defeated. You see, a couple bucks on an already outrageously high tax bill may fly, but no matter how green, ideas that create daily inconveniences and interruptions don’t even fly in Berkeley. Amazing that the green pushers still scratch their head at this, but until their population control measures reach us, this is what humans will do: protect their daily quality of life, up to and including giving green ideas and idealists a good nose-thumbing.

    Maybe Bill can try double taxing inheritance again instead…

  2. tadchem Says:

    …like I’m sure there are MILLIONS of trained, skilled, licensed, certified and unemployed construction workers out there who can do the retrofitting.

  3. […] costs from the AGW legislation, and pennies become $100 bills. Plus all the extra taxes. Such as raising property taxes, which Billy Jeff […]

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