New green ‘technology’: Turning off your AC

August 11, 2009

In an article titled “Calif. looks to storage technologies and people to balance its grid” (Aug. 11), ClimateWire reports that,

Another technology [seen as key] is demand management, a process by which consumers adjust how much electricity their homes or offices are using based on real-time information from the grid on prices and other indicators of how much supply is available at the moment. Such communication… would be based on a smart grid, which will automatically receive information from the grid operator and adjust electricity use — for example, by turning off a house’s air conditioner for five minutes during times of peak demand.

Only in the bizarre world of green-think would your local utility’s ability to turn off your air conditioning when you need it the most be considered “technology.”

2 Responses to “New green ‘technology’: Turning off your AC”

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  2. garytk Says:

    The truly sad part about this is that Big Oil will remain in firm control,thanks to the EPA-OBD II Vehicle Emissions Inspection Law, which mandates that all Gasoline powered vehicles, from 1996 to the present,must operate at 14.7 parts of Air to 1 part of Fuel.It is entirely possible to safely convert Gasoline into a clear, dry Vapor that is 100 parts of Air to 1 part of Fuel.I know because I’ve done it.Even the largest SUV could easily get 50+MPG,& emit a fraction of the Emissions of a 14.7/1 Fuel System, with more Power, and longer Engine Life.For even more insight, do a search on Tom Ogle, then go to and check out the last part of it.But, all OBD II Vehicles have Oxygen[O2]Sensors that detect the level of polluting Exhaust Emissions.When a Vehicle is connected to an OBD II Emissions Analyzer for Inspection, whatever those O2 Sensors read is detected.Too much Pollution,& it will fail,as well it should.But, with vaporized 100/1 Fuel, O2 Sensors will detect nothing, and an O2 Sensor Failure Code will be generated.Thus, it is entirely possible to fail an Emissions Inspection for not emitting enough Pollution!This insane Law, that only benefits Big Oil, was passed during the Clinton Administration, with Al Gore’s enthusiastic support! Go figure! And Obama can’t change it either, as long as Big Oil is in firm control!And not one Politician or Environmentalist will question the ongoing suppression of Vapor Fuel Technology ! I have asked many, and have yet to get a Reply.Maybe you can try ?

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