TVA smart meters: When the homeowner’s away, we will play

August 11, 2009

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) plans to control your home appliances when you’re not there.

According to SmartGridToday, the TVA is planning a $400 million smart meter pilot program, including $200 million of Obama stimulus money, that would allow the TVA to turn off appliances when people are away from their homes and businesses.

And just how will the TVA know when you are away? What if you don’t want your appliances turned off?

5 Responses to “TVA smart meters: When the homeowner’s away, we will play”

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  2. bmerr2009 Says:

    Hey guys, simma dun now! This is is just germ of thought wrapped in an enigma called regulations and enfornced by the after thought of a non-functioning bureaucrat. Your house will shut down when its told and it may even self-destruct if you don’t pay your bills on time!!

  3. dublds Says:

    After decades of futility and frustration Americans have finally, through education and cooperative efforts, freed themselves of the blinking “12:00” clock on their VCRs.

    Now Obama, with his fancy pants Harvard progressive idealism, wants to bring it back. I mean imagine taking a week long vacation, decompressing from the stresses of work, finally feeling totally relaxed, only to walk through your front door and see the dreaded blinking “12:00” on the VCR because Obama decided that while you were gone, the correct time was using up too much wind. Nobody deserves this.

    Is this the world we want to leave our children and grandchildren. We’ve suffered the blinking “12:00” for too long. Its time for CHANGE!

  4. tadchem Says:

    Just how “smart” are those meters? Would they be able to turn off the power to my lights (which are normally off anyway, even when I’m at home) and not to my refrigerator, freezer, 3 PCs (for my home-based online business), 2 aquariums, and my home security system? Would my gas-fueled power backup system have to kick itself on?

  5. greener333 Says:

    Which appliances? So, if I’m on vacation the TVA would shut down the fridge and the freezer? Other than the AC/heat, usually set to high or low vacation settings, there isn’t much else running when I’m not at home.

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