Green Hell: ‘Well-substantiated and amusingly argued,’ says National Review

August 17, 2009

I like where I live, but I didn’t quite realize that it was turning into a green hell. At least not until I read Steven Milloy’s new book, Green Hell: How Environmentalists Plan to Control Your Life and What You Can Do to Stop Them.

Read the rest of Mark Hemingway’s review of Green Hell at NationalReviewOnline…

3 Responses to “Green Hell: ‘Well-substantiated and amusingly argued,’ says National Review”

  1. mbabbitt Says:

    My company has been taken over by the Greenies. We were forced do without our garbage cans at our desks so that people would recycle and compost more. So they confiscated the plastic cans and — get this — put them in the trash! Now we have to walk a lot more any time we get a little trash.People are pissed and it makes no business sense as it makes everyone’s cubicle messier and wastes a lot more time. The nuts are running the show now in the name of saving the planet.

  2. spren Says:

    Hmmmmm……lead in DC’s drinking water for a century.

    Perhaps that explains quite a bit about the phenomenon called Potomac fever.

    Don’t high levels of lead in their systems make people delusional?

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