Obama EPA makes first threat on CO2 limits

August 17, 2009

Carbon Control News reports that,

The Obama EPA is explicitly saying for the first time that a pending greenhouse gas (GHG) vehicle emissions rule, when finalized, will define carbon dioxide (CO2) and other GHGs as regulated under the Clean Air Act and will therefore trigger mandates for new power plants and other stationary sources to limit their GHGs.

The purpose of this threat, of course, is to scare industries and Congress into a cap-and-trade bill this fall.

Click here for the EPA document. The threat is made in footnote 18.

One Response to “Obama EPA makes first threat on CO2 limits”

  1. wizardjr Says:

    Let ’em.

    A more conservative Congress can override any regulations promulgated by an Agency. This will at least show their hand more fully.

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