Greens vow to oppose U.S. tar sands refinery

August 25, 2009

Carbon Control News reports:

A proposed oil refinery in South Dakota, the nation’s first new refiner in several decades, is emerging as the next battleground over whether tar sands from Canada would undermine U.S. goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmentalists are vowing to challenge in court South Dakota’s recently announced decision upholding a key air permit for what would be the first new refinery built in the United States in 30 years, a project designed to process crude oil from Canadian tar sands…

Click here for Hyperion Refining’s media release.

4 Responses to “Greens vow to oppose U.S. tar sands refinery”

  1. […] car with.  To that end, deranged hippies are promising that they’ll do whatever they can to block oilsands development in South Dakota. So, next time you’re complaining about the price of gas, maybe blame hippies instead of the […]

  2. livingwill1 Says:

    These idiots should be laughed at and not taken seriously. Of course because it serves the agenda of many in the media they are taken seriously.

  3. wizardjr Says:

    Once again, this has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with killing “America”.

    And higgy68, you’re quite right. So many of them are empty headed asshats that want to be ‘relevant’ so they find a parade and join. Their problem is that conservatives have facts, science, and relevant points of discussion which leaves these clowns feeling as unimportant and socially retarded as they actually are. Lefties and Neo-Luddites have no compunctions in lying to these retards and will massage their egos to the point of religious ecstacy. Idiots.

  4. higgy68 Says:

    Most greeners protest just for the sake of protesting. They don’t care nor even think about what they protest.

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