Energy sprawl?

August 31, 2009

Watch for the greens to oppose wind, solar and biofuels projects because of the size of the projects’ geographic footprints. The greens call it “energy sprawl.”

The greens prefer energy rationing to renewables. They may use the term “efficiency,” but like “sustainable,” it’s merely a euphemism for “no growth.”

Click here for a Nature Conservancy study entitled “Energy Sprawl or Energy Efficiency: Climate Policy Impacts on Natural Habitat for the United States of America.”

8 Responses to “Energy sprawl?”

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  2. cbullitt Says:

    Well, here’s a small ray of sunshine (pun not intended).

  3. huntsvillemike Says:

    I think a lot of these ‘Greenies’ are just uneducated. We all know that communism brought about the worst pollution and energy inefficency in the world. They delude themselves into thinking that as the nation moves to socialism that they’re going to be in charge. They won’t be for long. Even if they delude the majority into accepting socialism, the majority will still demand energy and it will end up being dirtier.

    By the way, when was the last time most ‘
    Greenies’ took a science class? Not ecology or political science, real science like physics, chemistry or biology. I’ll bet that in many cases it’s like AlGore’s answer, when he got a ‘D’ in 9th grade general science.

    • livingwill1 Says:

      Yeah, it is extremely unlikely that people are going to watch themselves get completely impoverished with out a whole lot more proof that something is actually happening.

  4. dublds Says:

    Trust me they are shitting. Shitting on anything that remotely resembles progress.

    This is after all the goal. They don’t want a sensible energy policy, they want to completely thwart capitalism and free enterprise, making the implementation of a completely communist system a inevitability. Playing the conscientious victim or advocate for a victimized Earth, has been their passive aggressive way to advance their agenda under the guise of something innocent and well-intentioned. And pandering politicians have played right into it. As they inexplicably garner more attention and support, the inevitable question should be “What exactly do you want?” But you can be certain they will never answer that question directly. They’ll just go on and on about what they DON’T want, which as you see, is anything resembling progress. We are letting them control the game by always giving them the last move. And as long as we play this game, this country and its growth and progress will continue to be held hostage and the John McCains and Arnold Shwarzeneggers of the world will continue suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.

    The end is nigh…

    • livingwill1 Says:

      I don’t think the end is nigh. It is only nigh if people are willing to take it. Obama hasn’t gotten cap and trade through yet and it seems very unlikely he ever will.

  5. johnnylucid Says:

    I wish the green weenies would make up their minds, or what ever it is the use for cogitation.

    They advocate for “renewables,” which require a lot of land. And now their complaint is “energy sprawl?”


    Shit or get off the pot!

    • livingwill1 Says:

      Like others here have said.They don’t want to be “for” anything. They are complete hypocritical anti-technology Luddites who certainly don’t want to admit in the real world their are trade offs and choices.

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