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Boycott Nike

September 30, 2009

Nike has quit the U.S. Chamber of Commerce because the Chamber opposes Waxman-Markey.

I don’t know about you, but I won’t be purchasing any Nike products for a while. If you oppose the socialist-takeover-of-America-via-global warming, you won’t either.

Goodbye Nike — and don’t let cap-and-trade hit you in the sweatshops.


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Boxer pays off GE in climate bill

September 30, 2009

Sen. Barbara Boxer’s climate bill set to be released today contains a provision that will compensate General Electric quite nicely for its lobbying and media efforts promoting climate legislation.

Section 821(c) requires that, by December 12, 2012, the EPA set standards for greenhouse gas emissions from “new aircraft and new engines used in new aircraft.”

General Electric is the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial and military jet engines, a business worth about $12 billion in annual revenues.

So the Boxer bill would compel airlines and the military, when purchasing new aircraft and new aircraft engines, to purchase more expensive “green” engines made by GE, according to standards set by the current and GE-lobbied Obama administration.

Keep in mind that GE CEO Jeff Immelt is member of President Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Council.

More evidence that GE’s political action committee (GEPAC) meant what it said in its August 19, 2009 e-mail to employees:

The intersection between GE’s interests and government action is clearer than ever.

Other payoffs to GE will likely be unconvered as Boxer’s bill virtually requires the purchase of other GE products including wind turbines, solar panels and water products.

Wanted Poster GE Sketch Final

Calif. and Mass. out to screw America?

September 30, 2009

The House passed Waxman-Markey climate bill was co-authored by California’s Rep. Henry Waxman and Massachusetts’ Rep. Ed Markey.

The just-introduced Kerry Boxer climate bill was co-authored by California’s Sen. Barbara Boxer and Massachusetts’ Sen. John Kerry.

What do California and Massachusetts have against the rest of America?

Kerry-Boxer: Overview, Summary & Text

September 30, 2009

Click here for the Democratic Overview of Kerry Boxer.
Click here for the Democratic Summary of Kerry Boxer.
Click here for the full text of  Kerry-Boxer.

Draft Boxer bill available here!

September 29, 2009

Click here for the 801-page draft version of the much-anticipated Boxer climate bill — the Senate response to Waxman-Markey.

Exelon joins U.S. Chamber of Rentseeking

September 29, 2009 has obtained what purports to be a media release announcing Exelon Corp.’s founding of a new industry trade association, the U.S. Chamber of Rentseeking. The announcement follows in the wake of Exelon’s Sep. 28 resignation from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce because of the Chamber’s opposition to carbon dioxide emissions caps.

Chicago, IL, Sep. 28, Un-American Newswire ─ Exelon Corp., the operator of the largest fleet of nuclear power plans in the U.S., announced that it was cancelling its membership in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to start a new group called the U.S. Chamber of Rentseeking.

“We’ve had enough of free enterprise, free markets, risk, and competition,” said Exelon CEO John Rowe. “The future, as we see it, is rentseeking ─ that is, big business getting in bed with big government in order to guarantee big profits, he added.”

Exelon quit the U.S. Chamber of Commerce because of the Chamber’s opposition to global warming regulation, including its call for a 21st century “Scopes monkey trail” over whether carbon dioxide (CO2) is a pollutant.

“We prefer the view of, say, Stanford University professor Stephen Schneider who recently told the media that there is no safe level of CO2 in the atmosphere,” Rowe noted. “Junk science is good for cap-and-trade and cap-and-trade is good for Exelon ─ we’ll make billions of dollars for doing absolutely nothing,” he added.

Under the Waxman-Markey bill that was passed by the House of Representatives in June, Rowe told Wall Street analysts that Exelon would make up to $750 million annually for every $10-per-ton increase in the price of CO2 allowances that Exelon would get for free under the legislation.

“All we need do is to sell the allowances as soon as we get our hot little hands on them and we’re in the deep green. No fuss, no muss.” observed Rowe.

“So as you can see, it makes absolutely no sense for us to belong to a group like the Chamber of Commerce that endangers such government-guaranteed profiteering,” said Rowe.

“Sure taxes and energy prices will have to skyrocket, and the American economy will take a big hit under cap-and-trade,” but Exelon’s annual profits will increase by an estimated 40 percent ─ did I mention that this is for doing absolutely nothing? In life, you have to make trade-offs. I’ve traded my principles and patriotism for unearned, windfall and government-guaranteed profits.” he added.

In the first six months of 2009, Exelon spent $2.5 million lobbying for the Waxman-Markey bill. If Exelon reaps the expected profits, its return on investment would be on the order of 30,000,000 percent.

“I can only imagine what my annual bonus will look like,” Rowe opined, “I wonder if our payroll system can handle that many zeroes?”

Asked about the new U.S. Chamber of Rentseeking, Rowe said that the first three members will be Exelon, and fellow electric utilities Pacific Gas & Electric and PNM Resources, who also quit the U.S. Chamber of Commerce this week over global warming.

“We’ll probably raid the U.S. Climate Action Partnership (USCAP) for members,” Rowe noted. USCAP is a coalition of big business and environmental activist groups that are lobbying for global warming regulation. “They’ll be eager to join us on the government gravy train.”

As a public service and because rentseeking is not yet a crime, last week announced its “Carbon Criminal” WANTED poster campaign, featuring Exelon CEO John Rowe and other USCAP CEOs.

The posters may be viewed at

Schwarzenegger = Shower Nazi?

September 28, 2009

In a version of the acorn not falling far from the tree, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s totalitarian genes are starting to shine through.

In a New York Times article last weekend, Schwarzenegger admitted that he hounds his children about the length of their showers:

In remarks to the Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco, where he was commemorating the third anniversary of the state’s ground-breaking law to reduce gases that contribute to global warming, the governor described growing up in Europe after World War II, when efforts at conservation were pervasive, and complained about his four children’s lack of similar discipline.

“We were taught to always switch off the light when you go and leave the room, and that you can only use water sparingly or to drink,” Mr. Schwarzenegger said. “That’s it. Not to waste any water, period. So it’s a totally different atmosphere.”

But his children are prone to taking 15-minute showers, he said.

“So I finally had to implement rules at home,” the governor said, “and tell them that if they take showers that are longer than five minutes that there will be consequences, like they will not be able to go out, where they will not be able to bring friends over, and on and on and on.”

And that is not all.

“I will sometimes spy on them when it comes to the showers and time them,” Mr. Schwarzenegger told his tittering audience. “And I told them if I catch them, there will be something built in that I have from Europe, which only allows you to take a shower for five minutes and then it turns off automatically, which they have in Europe in gymnasiums so you don’t take a shower for too long.”

Hey Arnold, you don’t have to get “something built in” from Europe. We have them here — and the seller is (or, at least, used to be) proud that the device is called the “Shower Nazi.”

When you’re the child of a Sturmabteilung (SA or “brownshirt”) volunteer, you ought to bend over backwards to suppress totalitarian tendencies.

Greens use recession for tougher climate bill

September 28, 2009

Green groups want to use the recession as an excuse to make the Senate climate bill tougher than Waxman-Markey.

According to ClimateWire:

The problem with staying at 17 percent, environmentalists argue, is that the economic recession has made meeting the target much too easy for businesses.

According to the Energy Information Administration, carbon dioxide output is likely to decline 6 percent this year, following a 3 percent slide in 2008. In 2010, emissions will rise, but by less than 1 percent, according to the agency.

“We’re already halfway to the 17 percent target without even trying,” said Alden Meyer, director of strategy and policy at the Union of Concerned Scientists. “I don’t think many members of Congress know that.”

The strategy is not without risk though:

“The risk they run is that their whole effort could be branded as a statement of the left,” said Manik Roy, a congressional expert at the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, a think tank that backs congressional action on climate. “No matter how good the rest of the bill is, it’s going to be hard to escape that label.”

Yes, it will be hard to escape a label that rings true.

Stephen Schneider: ‘No safe level of CO2’?

September 28, 2009

In a ClimateWire article today touting the alarmist goal of 350 parts per million for atmospheric CO2, Stanford University climate hysteric Stephen Schneider made the following comment about “haggling over emissions targets”:

“We’re betting the planet. There’s no such thing as a safe level. There’s a level of very risky, versus mildly risky.

There’s no safe level of CO2? What is he talking about? If there’s no CO2, then there are no people or plants.

Maybe he’s just referring to the inverse correlation between atmospheric CO2 and sanity among alarmists.

John Kerry: ‘Cap-and-trade’ is out

September 28, 2009

Democrats are trying yet another name change in their quest to cripple the American economy with greenhouse gas regulations.

Sen. John Kerry announced last week that the Senate climate bill due out this week will be a “pollution reduction” bill not a “cap-and-trade” bill. According to E&E Daily, Kerry said,

“I don’t know what ‘cap and trade’ means. I don’t think the average American does. This is not a cap-and-trade bill, it’s a pollution reduction bill.”

So the Democrats have gone from “global warming” to “climate change” to “clean energy” because the public doesn’t buy what they’re selling. Now they’re jettisoning “cap-and-trade” hoping that some other name will stick to the wall.

While Democrats can call economically disastrous carbon caps whatever they want, they can’t buff the cap-and-trade turd or any other carbon cap regime into a public policy popsicle.

Hey John, why don’t you just call it the “Free Candy for Everybody Act of 2009”?