Missouri utilities warn of price spikes from climate bill

September 3, 2009

Missouri utilities say the Waxman-Markey climate bill will cause electricity prices to spike in 2012, according to an August 31 letter to Sen. Roy Blount (R-MO).

The letter says that rates:

  • Would increase 12-26% in 2012
  • May go up as high as 50% before utilities switch into gas
  • May goes up by as much as 77% after utilities switch to gas

Missouri electricity is currently 80% coal-generated.

Unfortunately, they suggest six ways to improve Waxman-Markey, including more free allowances, more time, price caps, emergency off-ramps, fewer restrictions on offsets.

4 Responses to “Missouri utilities warn of price spikes from climate bill”

  1. bmerr2009 Says:

    Pardon my excesses to all you Cabot energy fans out there. The license was awarded to Cobra Oil&Gas for a 1000 mile pipeline. My bad.

  2. bmerr2009 Says:

    You know, your right. This is just so much pandering to favorites that is sickening. Just yesterday, the Obama administration approved an oil sands pipeline from Canada to Utah for Cabot Oil&Gas. Just before that in February, Salazaar voided the exploration leases in Utah for Robert Redford, a big Obama supporter. so what’s with the pipeline deal – is this more ObamaSpeak? He constantly says he wants to reduce the dependence on foreign oil. Looks like he only wants dependence on foreign oil. I guess he feels he can crush industry that way so he can ride to rescue on the wave of bigger government and more dependence on government largess.

  3. dublds Says:

    In an effort to lay a battle weary falsehood to rest, take note of the fact that these utilities appear to be generally supportive of Waxman-Markey. They suggest ways to improve it, make it more workable, and more practical (reality DOES matter). But despite being just as in support of W-M as your average watermelon, they nonetheless concede THAT IT WILL RAISE PRICES. These aren’t propagandists, oil industry schills, paid astroturfers, or anyone else with any ulterior motive. THIS IS THE UTILITY ITSELF, looking at their books, looking at their costs, and TELLING YOU THAT PRICES WILL GO UP.
    So what is it about the Greens and their Exhalted Master that keeps them insisting that these price hikes aren’t inevitable. Every day I see attacks and accusations by greens on anyone bold enough to concede this reality. I hear accusations of subterfuge, misinformation, ignorance, etc etc. Yet here it is, AGAIN and STRAIGHT FROM THE SOURCE.
    Now it may sound like a gripe, but I feel it is relevant to point out the mentality of Greens, specifically their insistence on only being told, or wanting to hear, that they are good and righteous and their plans are flawless and infallible. And this mindset is only that much more startling when they refuse to accept the true reality, even told directly from the source. Their collective mindset is that of an 8 year-old with daddy issues.

    Why are we letting the lunatics run the asylum? And how long must we bastardize the best course of action, just to kowtow to their blatant and purposeful refusal to accept the true facts? If, like me, you have no interest in knowing the answer to that question, then the time has come to take every bum that IS pandering to this lunacy and either recall them or vote them out. We can not afford to be led by those ignore logic and reason just because it buys votes…

  4. cbullitt Says:

    Stupid cocksuckers. It’s more “feeding the alligator in hopes that it will eat you last.”

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