Government Electric: GE lawyer to become top federal environmental litigator

September 10, 2009

The Senate Judiciary Committee held the confirmation hearing yesterday for Ignacia Moreno to become the top federal environmental litigator at the Department of Justice.

Moreno is currently a top environmental lawyer for General Electric.

If she’s confirmed, which will probably happen later this month,  we guess this will just more of… well… as GE recently put it in a memo soliciting PAC contributions from its employees :

The intersection between GE’s interests and government action is clearer than ever.”

[Click here for YouTube video of Steve Milloy discussing this point with Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly.]

Apparently, it’s not enough that GE CEO Jeff Immelt is already on President Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board — and getting stimulus money in return.

Of course, maybe GE just wants to make sure that it doesn’t get sued when its Hudson River cleanup project backfires.

Does GE now stand for “Government Electric”?

2 Responses to “Government Electric: GE lawyer to become top federal environmental litigator”

  1. Isn’t this Rent Seeking gone wild?

  2. dublds Says:

    For so long, and so loudly liberals have proclaimed their fear of the “Military Industrial Complex”. It was at the root of the criticisms of the Bush administration and all of those Halliburton Horror Stories. What they neglected to consider is that the military is full of people who live by the motto of “Integrity First”. It is full of people willing to give their life for their fellow man to be free. These are not the people we need to look out for.

    In the United States today we need to beware of the POLITICAL Industrial Complex. The current administration seeks to put more limitations on our freedom than martial law would, and they have enlisted big business and not the military, to provide the resources to do so in exchange for a seat at the table. For all its might, the military does not have to power to put out symmetrical disinformation, bogus science and ad campaigns like the media and big business. Nor do they have the power to limit our choices for basic goods and services to things that either fit an agenda, or spy on us. This is why the Political Industrial Complex, being built around us as we speak, is considerably more dangerous. Obviously neither Obama or Immelt live by the motto Integrity First. Not long ago, liberals unilaterally believed that corporations and their CEOs the embodiment of pure evil. Yet here is their exhalted master inviting a LAWYER FOR ONE OF THE BIGGEST CORPORATIONS IN AMERICA to drive environmental policy. Amazing. Obama is operating 180 degrees opposite the fundamental ideals of his followers, openly and obviously, yet a few teleprompted buzz-words is all it takes to assure them its all good. The cult of personality of Barack Obama is a staggering phenomenon. Much like the one that followed Kennedy to Vietnam, then protested LBJ for being there. And like the stain Vietnam has left on our history, Obamas cult too will be disastrous to our way of life before its done…

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