Michelle, dumbbell…

September 18, 2009

… these are words that go together well…

… based on this Dana Milbank-article in today’s Washington Post about Michelle Obama shutting down blocks of Washington, D.C. so that she can pose as shopper of over-priced “organic” groceries at a local market — $5 for a dozen eggs?

Milbank’s article is must-reading if you haven’t already shaken your head in disgust today at the Obama administration.

2 Responses to “Michelle, dumbbell…”

  1. tadchem Says:

    It not only justifies increased prices, it justifies marketing produce that would never pass the QC checks for cosmetic appearance of “normal” produce.

  2. higgy68 Says:

    “Organic” is one of the most over used words in our language. It is a way to justify increasing prices. And, the laws governing its use are so loose it is a meaningless term.

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