New York Syndrome?

September 21, 2009

According to this report in The Guardian, the UN is planning to engage in psychological warfare on heads of state attending the climate summit in New York this week.

The UN plans to separate leaders of developed countries from their staff and then isolate the leaders in discussion groups and lunches with the leaders of poor nations seeking climate handouts, rent-seeking CEOs and green groups.

The ostensible purpose of the planned “shock therapy”, as the UN calls it, is to “imbue” the leaders with a “new sense of purpose” with respect to fighting the much-dreaded global warming.

At face value, the UN apparently aims to generate a sort of Stockholm Syndrome — where hostages develop sympathy for their captors — among leaders of the developed world. But this can’t be true Stockholm Syndrome, of course, since all the developed world leaders are already pretty much in the tank for global warming alarmism and no major psychological shifts will occur.

Rather, the UN seems to hope that this exercise will light a fire under President Obama so that he pushes harder toward the global economic suicide that carbon caps represent. Remember that the goal of an international carbon regime is to hamstring the U.S. economy and to ensnare the U.S. in global governance.

I sense a new Wikipedia entry coming:

New York syndrome is a psychological response hoped for by global warming alarmists, in which a socialist U.S. President is pressured to advocate more intensely for international socialism, regardless of the global-economic-destruction-for-no-environmental-gain that is likely to occur.

One Response to “New York Syndrome?”

  1. higgy68 Says:

    The UN is one of the most inept and corrupt organizations in the world. The only reason it is pushing climate change is that there is money in it for their leadership. The IPCC knows the whole thing is pure bs.

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