Good riddance: PG&E quits US Chamber over global warming

September 22, 2009

… maybe it’s not too late for the California utility to join the USSR Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Click here for PG&E’s letter of resignation.

3 Responses to “Good riddance: PG&E quits US Chamber over global warming”

  1. johnnylucid Says:

    I just love how Mr. Darbee cites SCOTUS as “experts” – his corporate communications staff clearly has not one independent thinker.

    He is “…struck by the irony that, as we try to restore public trust in business on the one hand, on the oter, the Chamber’s behavior on the climate issue only reinfordes stereotypes that erode that very same confidence.”

    Mr. Darbee, go find a mirror!

  2. antigreennuke Says:

    This is what you get when the truth is decided by democratic majority – whatever the majority believes is the official truth. The Chamber of Commerce did the politically incorrect thing, they thought for themselves.

  3. dublds Says:

    So AGAIN, for the trillionth freaking ridiculous, unfathomable, inconceiveable time consensus somehow determines what is true or false.

    Furthermore, now a panel of 9 non-scientist “ministers” added to that consensus is the ultimate, final and binding definition of truth.

    If the AGW lobby wonders now or someday why they are the owners of the greatest most widespread embarrassment in the history of mankind (I’m talking about Global Warming and not Ethanol, in case you were confused), they should just keep a copy of this letter on the wall. It embodies the encyclopedia Britanica of propagandist, half logic, cognitive dissonance, and fallacious argumentation that has come to personify the AGW lobby. More “consensus is proof”, more “official agencies agree”, more ad hominem pot shots, AND NOT A SINGLE SHRED OF VERIFIABLE SCIENTIFIC SUBSTANCE TO SUPPORT THEIR ASSERTION OF SCIENTIFIC CERTAINTY.

    But is it any surprise? No. Who do you think is the biggest current recipient of alternative energy subsidies in the US? And who do you think invested billions of their own dollars in windmills and solar panels that will become a blight unless the government pays to keep them running (without subsidies, they wouldn’t even meet the break even costs of maintaining them)? And who do you think has to live in the pocket of green profiteers like Nancy Pelosi to keep these things coming?

    Fake and phony concern, over a fake and phony problem, by a fake and phony company. Nothing more. The only relevant point you can take away from this fake resignation from this useless organization is that PG&E is willing to perpetuate lies and ignorance in return for handouts. Probably not the conclusion they were going for, but the only one anyone with an IQ over 10 can draw…

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