John Kerry: ‘Cap-and-trade’ is out

September 28, 2009

Democrats are trying yet another name change in their quest to cripple the American economy with greenhouse gas regulations.

Sen. John Kerry announced last week that the Senate climate bill due out this week will be a “pollution reduction” bill not a “cap-and-trade” bill. According to E&E Daily, Kerry said,

“I don’t know what ‘cap and trade’ means. I don’t think the average American does. This is not a cap-and-trade bill, it’s a pollution reduction bill.”

So the Democrats have gone from “global warming” to “climate change” to “clean energy” because the public doesn’t buy what they’re selling. Now they’re jettisoning “cap-and-trade” hoping that some other name will stick to the wall.

While Democrats can call economically disastrous carbon caps whatever they want, they can’t buff the cap-and-trade turd or any other carbon cap regime into a public policy popsicle.

Hey John, why don’t you just call it the “Free Candy for Everybody Act of 2009”?

12 Responses to “John Kerry: ‘Cap-and-trade’ is out”

  1. atting1 Says:

    Well, I don’t agree with Kerry about anything else, but there is one thing I agree with him on. If this passes, there will definitely be climate change… economic climate change. Thousands of jobs lost in the name of saving the planet? How about saving the households that might go without basic necessities because their electric bills have doubled? Give me a break. Everyone should let their voices be heard on this one

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  3. afl81 Says:

    I resent the insinuation that average Americans are imbeciles. Cap and trade are not big words, nor are they hard concepts to understand. For a gargantuan government system that will be mired with a spider web of regulations, the name is one thing that is not hard to understand. No matter what the name, however, this horrible legislation will cost us thousands and kill jobs. Write Congress at to voice your oppostion.

  4. lanczos Says:

    “Kin Ah git me a Cap-n-Trade here?”

    Sen. kerry – like many of his RATpals – appears to want to make ignorance a virtue. Possibly he believes that most Americans are as stupid as he and his electorate appear to be…

  5. tarpon Says:

    CO2, the stuff needed for all life on earth, is not pollution. Even if the SC says it is.

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  8. jimbo9999 Says:

    It is time our senators started thinking about the American people and our pocketbooks. Since when should they be allowed to pass legislation that affects everone with disregard for then burden it places on each person or family. Our congress should not be blindly passing bills that make the world community happy without runnimng them by the public first advising us what they will cost. Then in we give them the OK, they can proceed to pass them. We did not put them in office to blindly keep puting more burdens on us, the public that elected them.

  9. higgy68 Says:

    Garbage under any other name still stinks.

  10. welder4 Says:

    Arose is a rose is a rose but the clean energy act is in fact the same old Waxly your pocket book thingy that came out of congress , can we call congress a toilet or cesspool I remember Pelousey saying something like that, she was going to drain the swamp so we have the same bill and Kerry has enough nerve to say it is not the Waxly bill , wow , I have seen some audacity but this tops even Obama’s audacity .We have a hard road to hold and hard row to hoe but we need even more against this climate tax bill then we have against the health care bill. We can not allow these elite scrubs to run this country into the ground. vote in 2010 and vote em out, o-u-t-.Lets call the bill “the people are to stupid to know so we will pass it any way” bill. Government run amok is a light thing to say.

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