Boxer pays off GE in climate bill

September 30, 2009

Sen. Barbara Boxer’s climate bill set to be released today contains a provision that will compensate General Electric quite nicely for its lobbying and media efforts promoting climate legislation.

Section 821(c) requires that, by December 12, 2012, the EPA set standards for greenhouse gas emissions from “new aircraft and new engines used in new aircraft.”

General Electric is the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial and military jet engines, a business worth about $12 billion in annual revenues.

So the Boxer bill would compel airlines and the military, when purchasing new aircraft and new aircraft engines, to purchase more expensive “green” engines made by GE, according to standards set by the current and GE-lobbied Obama administration.

Keep in mind that GE CEO Jeff Immelt is member of President Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Council.

More evidence that GE’s political action committee (GEPAC) meant what it said in its August 19, 2009 e-mail to employees:

The intersection between GE’s interests and government action is clearer than ever.

Other payoffs to GE will likely be unconvered as Boxer’s bill virtually requires the purchase of other GE products including wind turbines, solar panels and water products.

Wanted Poster GE Sketch Final

21 Responses to “Boxer pays off GE in climate bill”

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  8. welder4 Says:

    Just listen to Beck he has investigated and done as the journalists should do . we have a line there and we should do our best to keep it open , all the czars will be detrimental to our way of life if we don’t start writing and now not tomorrow but now , I write about three times a week . He will get to the GE boondoggle soon . we are under attack for sure we must stand strong and deny them power.The more I read of the Boxer bill the more I get sick. no good will come of it being passed . I downloaded it it took a whole 3 seconds to down load the bill with PDF so so it and read it . 685 pages of communist propaganda,.

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  10. bear865 Says:

    This is just something to distract us from the big picture. The Currency Internationale does not WANT us to see the big picture, because if we do, we might do something about it.

    The big picture is that the Currency Internationale has to destroy the USA before it can proceed to its black, corporatist, fascist world government (“Metropolis” with no happy ending).

    And by the way, 90% of us have to be murdered, with the remaining 10% to be slaves. Hope that comment shakes a few minds out of the numbness that is purposefully being applied in this Nation, or what is left of it.

    The Yamamoto button is still there, and the Mack Daddy and those he clowns for are working hard to push it. You know what happened to Japan after it pushed that button on December 7, 1941. We can only pray for a similar result once these bastards push that button.

    A day at a time. That is the MOST I can do now.

  11. mcgrats Says:

    This is getting to be sooooo outrageous, it defies the imagination. I suspect my congress critter (Mark Kirk) was also paid off by GE (through campaign contributions) to vote for C&T. Where can this be either verified or debunked?

    Jack Koenig, Editor
    The Mysterious Climate project

  12. adrianvance Says:

    Heil Barack!

    This is the story of Hitler in blackface! Adolph pulled the same number with I.G. Farben, Krupp, Bayer and every other big German manufacturer. Werner von Braun built all of his V2 rockets with Jewish slave labor and our people knew it. Our fascism is out to top the Third Reich and we are well on our way. President for life? Anything can happen now.

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  14. bama4freedom Says:

    These Dems & Reps for that matter have all got to be stopped. This Gov is out of control. The only way we will ever get our Country back from these Politicans & their Unions is to take it back. ARM REVALUTION the answer. the only answer. Stop the Politicans & their Unions

  15. antigreennuke Says:

    It very much seems anything “old” is being demonized right now. Can an economy recover by destroying old equipment and buying it new?

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