UN to US: $10 trillion for climate or else…

October 6, 2009

The United Nations says in a new report that unless we (meaning U.S. taxpayers and consumers) cough up $10 trillion to the world’s renewable energy rentseekers and carbon abatement scamsters, the planet will be destroyed by UN-fabricated global warming.

UN chief Ban (Dr. Evil) Ki-moon

UN chief Ban (Dr. Evil) Ki-moon

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24 Responses to “UN to US: $10 trillion for climate or else…”

  1. kong99 Says:

    I’m all in favor of us going to nuclear energy, as long as they continue to put forth the best efforts to safely dispose of the waste. I haven’t read up on the latest methods, but I think just burying them would eventually lead to bad effects.

    I think we have to get away from oil because of who’s controlling it…our enemies. Since the left will never allow us to support our own needs by drilling here, we are continually increasing our dependency on the terrorist supporting nations. Also, there are many conflicting reports on just how much oil we have to support ourselves in the future. I love oil, but I don’t see it being a forever thing.

    I am totally against the reasons the left uses for energy change, though. Global warming because of a life depending gas? Yeah, let’s just try to deplete the food plants need to give us the air we need to breathe. Morons. If you’re going to make a transition, do it for the right reasons so we don’t wind up dishing out our future to politicians wanting the money for political control. The money in cap and trade will merely go the way the money did from the lawsuits against the tobacco companies. It went to political desires not even associated with the claims they wanted the money for. I fear we’re going to be taxed billions and not a penny will go to an actual effort to change our energy supplying methods. All it will do is kill capitalism.

  2. dublds Says:

    Remember when we used to have a president who had the gonads to tell the UN to go stick it in their cornhole.

    Yeah, those were the days buddy…

    WE should send the UN a bill for $10 trillion. For 40 years of rent and vacations. They have their stupid meetings on our soil, bring delegations of hundreds of people with them, then do nothing but drag us through dogshit and call us out for everything, including made up weather.

    Wouldn’t it be great to watch the French or Italian delegations crapping their pants if we actually did this, and demanded payment within 30 days or we would start dropping nukes. You wouldn’t hear all this tough guy, koo-koo bird talk then boy. It be all pants-crapping and white flags waving. These guys would lose all credibility if just for once someone would call them out like this and let them show their true colors…

    • kong99 Says:

      Dream on, lol. The U.N. uses our tax dollars to destroy ourselves. That $10 trillion will be nothing more than global welfare designed to redistibute our wealth and to bring our country down to their levels of financial status.

      It was just a few weeks ago that Obama and the U.N. president (Kofinan, or whatever) said that we had to pass a climate change bill within four months or it would be too late to save the earth. These morons keep stepping up the ante. If one threat doesn’t work then they raise the consequences of our non-action. Next thing you know we will be told that if we don’t caugh up $50 trillion within a week the sun will explode.

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  4. 4timesayear Says:

    This is ludicrous – it makes it sound like they control the weather – maybe we should be asking if this is a threat? Maybe we should, like bear865 said, try to get them for extortion and blackmail.

    • kong99 Says:

      Exactly, but there’s one problem. You can’t blackmale a third world minded dictator U.S. President who wants to give them whatever they want. He’s more than likely to say, “is that all, can we give you more?”.

  5. champmd Says:

    Their logic is that if they have a right to a penny, they have a right to $10 trillion. If we give even that penny then we are conceding to their scam. We can’t do it. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, but essential for life on this planet. It is not even very effective as a greenhouse gas. We must stick to our guns (so to speak) on this one.

    BTW, Since water vapor comprises 98% of all greenhouse gases, perhaps we should spend all that money putting tarps over our oceans, lakes, and swimming pools, huh?

    • kong99 Says:

      Hey, shut the F up!! You are not allowed to speak of any facts against global warming. It’s a consensus you idiot !!!

      I agree with you totally, but that’s the message we get from the left.

  6. henrybowman Says:

    But don’t forget, it must be sent using WESTERN UNION only!

  7. rightbill Says:

    What I want to know is, did they ask for this with a straight face?

    • kong99 Says:

      Of course. Did you know that the U.N. AND Obama said (several weeks ago) that if we don’t pass climate change within four months that it would be too late to save the earth? Obama agrees with them, and I think Obama will have this country destroyed from within if we don’t stop him.

  8. travchem Says:

    Let’s see, now: Humans contribute about 0.2% of so-called GHG, and we should pay $10 T to reduce that to… what exactly? 0.1%? Where do we send the bill for nature’s 99.8%? And who writes the laws to control solar activity?

  9. telliottfish Says:

    You are missing the good news. They, the U.N. are not asking for money they are asking us to spend money and they are directing us to spend it on Nuclear power plants. This is great for the U.S. We can now allow power companies to build nuclear power plants and when the greenies bitch about it we can say “hey talk to the U.N. they told us to.”

    • kong99 Says:

      I didn’t read the report, but is that where they want the money to go? Are you sure they aren’t referring to Al Gore and the likes? I know there’s a push to give a massive amount of cash directly to the U.N., but this isn’t it?

  10. bmerr2009 Says:

    A minor point. If you read the article, the $10 T is for the WORLD not the US – it is in US dollars, though. Still, it doesn’t excuse the fruitiness of this whole scheme. Perhaps, we can convince the UN to commit mass suicide?

  11. welder4 Says:

    Problem being we don’t have ten trillion , we will be lucky to have a million in the federal reserve when all is said and done . 4 years to tear down a great country this is something even Hitler could not do when we were engaged in the war with him. Ten trillion is a ridiculous amount of money for any country to come up with . the UN is sick and if they think Obama is going to give him ten trillion he is mistaken, he has to prop up Chicago first .

    • kong99 Says:

      I dont’ think it would be an actual cash payment. It would be on paper or with contracts that puah us so far in the red that our kids will look like Etheopians begging for food.

  12. bear865 Says:

    It is now to the point where we really have to seriously consider leaving the UN an evicting it from our shores, even if the eviction requires military action.

    Former UN real estate could then be used for business, or perhaps mo’ bettah, turned into a park dedicated to the USA.

    We could also see if we could charge Ki-moon with extortion and blackmail. Probably not, but it would be fun to try.

    • kong99 Says:

      We are in a complete jam on this one. Obama agrees with the U.N. and you will never get a Pelosi Congress to impeach the stupid bastard.

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