President Pinocchio on drilling and nukes

October 16, 2009

Where have you gone Joe Wilson-iaggio? President Obama is fibbing (again).

As reported by Energy and Environment Daily:

President Obama gave a nod yesterday to a budding bipartisan Senate effort on energy and climate legislation during a New Orleans town hall meeting where he also pledged to push for the bill’s passage once Congress finishes its work on health care.

What I think we need to do is increase our domestic energy production,” Obama said in response to a question about environmental policy from an audience member. “I’m in favor of finding environmentally sound ways to tap our oil and our natural gas.”

Obama also mentioned his support for nuclear energy, one of two key points of possible Senate compromise as lawmakers look to pass a comprehensive energy and global warming bill in the coming months.

There’s no reason why technologically we can’t employ nuclear energy in a safe and effective way,” Obama said. “Japan does it and France does it and it doesn’t have greenhouse gas emissions, so it would be stupid for us not to do that in a much more effective way.”

Actions, however, tell the tale.

The New York Times reported last week that:

The Department of the Interior has frozen oil and gas development on 60 of 77 contested drilling sites in Utah…

… alleging…

… the process of leasing the land was rushed and badly flawed… including possible damage to the habitat of sage grouse, which is being considered for endangered species protection, and to avoid the dust and noise pollution associated with drilling operations.

Sounds pretty lame to us…

With respect to nuclear, President Pinocchio’s friends in the environmental movement yesterday sent this letter to Senators asking them to reject streamlining the licensing process for nuclear plants. Apparently, they like the status quo — no new nuke plants have been built in more than 30 years.

While President Pinocchio postures by saying that he is for drilling and nukes, he knows his administration minions and political allies will kill both.

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President Pinocchio

President Pinocchio

18 Responses to “President Pinocchio on drilling and nukes”

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  3. kong99 Says:

    I’ve listed a lot of details in my replies to other comments, so I’ll skip the details here.

    I’m not exactly sure what Obama’s intentions are or how far he is hoping to take his agendas. Combining the radical things he has said before he was elected with the radical people he has appoined to the be czars, he seems to have some pretty anti-American intentions for our future. There are so many red flags you can’t even count them, yet the media doesn’t even seem to notice (aside from FOX) and anyone who worries about them is labeled a conspiracy theorist way out on the edge. Can anyone explain to me why the media seems to be covering up the red flags and ignoring them? One red flag is appointing a guy to be the Greed Jobs czar that openly said he wants to use the green movement to destroy capitalism. Uh, HELLO!!!!! Why are these things getting no press?

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  5. dublds Says:

    God knows I pull no punches when it comes to Obama, but let’s not do what the Liberals did to Bush and frame him as the worlds biggest idiot and the worlds slickest conman at the same time.

    Obama tried to take the easy route. Using pop science and sloganeering he tried to railroad environmental legislation through to solidify and broaden his base. And he failed.

    So now, knowing that he’s not going to railroad just any POS through, and to the extent that he has some motivation, however small, to act in the best interests of Americans, he has become a pragmatist. And as a pragmatist he has probably realized what every pragmatist knew from the get go. Specifically:

    -We cannot wean ourselves off of oil completely without a major global economic catastrophe.
    -Domestic drilling has upsides from both a national security standpoint, and emissions standpoint. Realize that the same amount of crude drilled here vs the Gulf region has a much smaller carbon footprint because it is not being ferried halfway around the world on a super-megatanker targeted by pirates.

    On this rationale he can semantically spin himself as being committed to National Security and the newly created (but old fashioned) oil-field jobs as “Green” jobs because their creation does yield a net emissions savings. Rest assured he will never just do the exact right thing that we all know is best. But the fact is he’s looking to do SOMETHING and spin it into some great earth-saving triumph. So if domestic drilling is on the table, I’m willing to meet his disingenuity with my own and at least support that option over all the considerably worse ones.

    But I agree, it pisses you off that he has to makes acknowledging the clear and obvious answer such a chore…

    • kong99 Says:

      No worry about me calling Obama the world’s biggest idiot. I think the guy is very intelligent, but his policies and agendas are what scare me. I think Obama and Pelosi believed that they would have no problems implementing their far left fantasies since they have a majority in both houses. Yet, they didn’t count on the fact that their agenda is so far left that not only do the Republicans oppose it (other than a few RINO’s such as Olympia Snowe), but the blue dogs in their own party won’t support them, either. Strong arming by Pelosi works to an extent, but so far they’ve been unsuccessful at cramming everying down our throats in no time flat. Maybe we can stretch this out long enough to vote enough of them leftists out so we can disable Obama’s goals altogether. Rush Limbaugh was bashed for saying he wants Obama to fail, but people need to realize that success to Obama is to see the country fail…or at least capitalism. Yeah, I want him to fail, too, because if he succeeds the country fails.

  6. bear865 Says:

    They are still drilling on Alaska’s north slope. No environmental detriment whatsoever, and caribou and bears seem to love to hang around the drilling sites. The bears especially, because they use the warm pipelines as “bruinways” and they also play on them.

    And all one needs to do is take a look at France for an example as to how safe nuclear power can be when it is well designed and well operated.

    The plot here is to continually deny the US energy until we collapse into something worse than a 3rd world nation (who are also denied cheap energy so they can’t develop; they are the first to go in Pinocchio’s plan to genocide 90% of the Earth’s population to “save the planet”.

    Unless something is done to stop it, the is all part of the corporatist, fascist, “Metropolis” police state Pinocchio is fully happy with helping to impose on the Planet, so long as he gets his share.

    And the man is NOT THE LEGAL PRESIDENT OF THE USA. Since he is not the legal president, THE WHOLE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT MAY NOW BE ILLEGAL! Don’t believe me? Study The Constitution as a whole. Don’t worry. Don’t push it. THE LIGHT will come on for you.

    • kong99 Says:

      That’s a rather serious assessment, lol. I can’t stand Obama, but I’m not so sure I can attribute that radical of an agenda to him. I think we all know what he said before he got elected (so I’m going to omit the details), and unfortunately the media never paid any attention to it or gave any credence to the ramifications of implementing Obama policies.

      California is supposed to be the poster child that Obama wants the entire country to emulate. The farmlands that have gone to waste at the hands of the environmentalists and the leftist politicians/judges. The other senseless environmental laws that prevent energy production and others that cause huge forest fires (that do more damage to the wildlife these idiots claim to want to protect). There is no doubt that many environmentalists will use any leverage to push for a catastrophic collapse of the entire free market system…all with the intentions of returning earth to a maximum of one billion in population. Global warming is a massive scam and propaganda tool that is being called a consensus no matter what the opposing evidence or the number of scientists that don’t believe in it. The left refuses to debate it under the “consensus” excuse, otherwise they would lose. Look what Obama did with the doctors on the health care plan. He invited over 150 doctors to the White House that were pre-screened and EVERY one of them want Obama-care. Obama turned around and called that a consensus. These people need to learn what a consensus is. It’s not the idea of collecting everyone together that supports your proposals and taking a vote, all the while ignoring those that oppose you…especially when there are more opponents than supporters.

      Anyway, I am very worried that Obama’s pre-election associations (Marxists) and post election radicals in the czars jobs signify very bad intentions by him. Van Jones said he wants to use the green movement to destroy capitalism and install socialism that redistributes the wealth to the blacks. Then Obama appoints this guy to be the “Green Jobs” czar? Give me a break!! Could he be any more obvious on his intentions? No way is that a coincidence, especially when his close advisor Vallery Jarrot said that the way to take over is to destroy capitalism by spending as much money as possible to destabalize and collapse the financial structure of the entire country. Why the media is totally ignoring this is beyond me. Why they would want this is beyond me.

      Obviously, Obama wants to destroy capitalism…at least in my eyes. He has been spending massive amounts of money with no stop to it any time soon, and with the appointments he has made that say to do that exact thing to destroy the country? No coincidence….no way.

      Yet, is it to be a socialist dictator or is it a much more devastating and catastrophic intention of satisfying the environmentalists by reversing population growth by the billions? I tend to think he’s a socialist dictator wannabe. Don’t know about the environmentalist goal.

  7. tadchem Says:

    The President is only concerned about “buying goodwill” among voters, even if he has to use counterfeit money. That is what empowers him to be so blatantly two-faced. Being the figurehead is sufficient to appease his ego.
    His ‘financial supporters’ want Power as a quid pro quo, and given their socialist backgrounds and a Marxist model of society that hasn’t advanced since the days of feudalism, they believe that getting and holding power requires disempowering anyone who would oppose them.
    If that means suppressing all ambitious workers not in their clique to the point of becoming a 21st century peasantry, then so be it.

    • kong99 Says:

      Is it just me, or have you noticed that Obama’s ego trip has taken a tumble? He’s still a narciscist on steroids, but he seems to have lost some confidence. I hope I see the day when I am able to look at a completely defeated and exhausted wannebe dictator wimper like a little cry baby that didn’t het his Cherios. It’ll be Bush’s fault, lol.

    • bmerr2009 Says:

      Once again we see the ever so elicate touch of ObamaSpeak. Notice that he is favor of nuclear power but “it would be stupid for us not to do that in a much more effective way”. so once again we see the way out. Our way has to be much more effective than the Japanese or French way. So we will experiment but not build. Also the same with drilling. Notice that we have to “find environmentally sound ways to tap our oil and our natural gas.” That’s why we are not drilling now, our current technology like missile defense is “unproven”.

      • kong99 Says:

        …and it will remain “unproven” forever under Obama. These are all things that Obama openly spoke out against before he was elected. This wishy-washy attempt at wanting them is complete BS. I just don’t get the concept of the media and the public not calling him on the things he has LOUDLY spoke his views on, yet now is pretending to have a different view. One thing with Bush…love him or hate him, you knew what he stood for and what he believed in.

  8. gwfrankpsu Says:

    Talk is cheap, well in this case not very cheap. Nukes now!!!
    The left is insane for not wanting to speed up the construction of new nukes, or is it just part of the plan to trap us into big government.

    • kong99 Says:

      Obama wants the nation to emulate California and their energy laws. Despite the obvious fact of what it’s doing to that state, do you see their agenda getting wiser and saying “uh, wait a minute, maybe not such a good idea”. No, because it’s not about making the country stronger, more efficient, or better. It’s about power and control for the leftist elites.

  9. antigreennuke Says:

    Sounds like too little too late, and then Obama’s record of broken promises…

    • kong99 Says:

      Understatement. Obama has no intention of following any of these routes. After watching many of his pre-election speaches, doing so would go against every grain of his beliefs. He’s bullshitting you.

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