Levis. Original jeans. Original hypocrisy.

October 22, 2009

Levi Strauss & Co. is so worried about CO2 emissions that it quit the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in protest over the Chamber’s opposition to climate legislation.

But if Levi Strauss were really concerned about CO2 levels, it would also go out of business.

According to the company’s own analysis, a typical pair of the company’s jeans is responsible for about:

  • 70 pounds of CO2 emissions;
  • 750 gallons of water use; and
  • 111 kilowatt-hours of electricity use.

About 450 million pairs of jeans are sold in the U.S. annually. Of this amount, about one-third are sold by Levi Strauss.

Simple math indicates, therefore, that Levi Strauss annual sales of jeans are responsible for about:

  • 7.5 million tons CO2 emissions — equal to the annual emissions of 625,000 SUVs;
  • 112 billion gallons of water use — about the annual water use of 879,000 homes; and
  • 1.67 gigawatt-hours of electricity use — about the annual use of 150,000 average homes.

To help Levi Strauss save the planet, then, the answer is clear: we should go naked and it should go broke.

10 Responses to “Levis. Original jeans. Original hypocrisy.”

  1. kaziklibey Says:

    Been wearing Levis better than half a century. I feel very strongly about companies that politically align themselves with causes that threaten freedom anywhere and especially here in USA. The company just lost my money permanently. Glad I saw this I was just thinking a few days ago it was about time to buy 4-5 new pairs of jeans. It would have sucked being stuck having to trash $200+ worth of jeans just to have to turn around and buy 6-7 new pairs.

    My friends and uncles should have explained to me why they were giving me crap for wearing Levis instead of just giving me crap.

    Oh well, it was time for change anyway, since they sent production out of the country the quality really went to pot, anyways.

  2. […] theater, but it doesn’t change the company’s record as a major greenhouse-gas “polluter.” Simple math indicates, therefore, that Levi Strauss annual sales of jeans are responsible for […]

  3. welder4 Says:

    http://www.stillmadeinusa.com/jeans.htm there is the place they are made in the USA and as far as I know they are not on the band wagon with Gore .you may have to copy and paste it

  4. welder4 Says:

    There is a place that makes jeans I will look them up they will even cut them custom for you, short fat guys can get them in 29 length and 36 around the waist, I shall return they are an American co.

  5. pbensontexan Says:

    Levi’s lost my business when they started with the stupid adv campaign… the one that showed the word “America” sinking into the water, and the firing of “distress” rockets into the air, then all the ghetto scenes, etc, etc.

    Don’t know who in the hell they were trying to appeal to, but they missed the boat with anyone wearing jeans since the 1960s and 70s. I’ll buy anything before I spend a dime with Levi’s.

  6. bear865 Says:

    I could be wrong, but is not Levi Straus out of San Francisco, the nut case capital of North America?

    If so, it was probably taken over years ago by disciples of the power-crazed megalomaniac Nancy Polosi.

    Let the SOBs go out of business. Let them rot in hell. If they had any clue as to the real “green” agenda (e.g., genocide at least 90% of the Earth’s population) they should recoil in horror from it.

    But they are a type of people who “know” everything, so much so, that they are willing to try to force their “knowledge” off on everyone else. 10,000 POXES UPON THEM.

  7. antigreennuke Says:

    As usual, most Levi’s jeans are made in Pakistan and China and other countries that the environmentalist movement is suspiciously ignoring. Meanwhile they sell their goods here with a green facade of solar powered cash registers, reusable cotton bags, recycled paper and remind us that “every little bit helps” to save the planet.

  8. higgy68 Says:

    Maybe Levi should poll the number of potential customers and find out how many think that the climate change legislation is so much BS and favor the Chamber of Commerce position.

  9. mcgrats Says:

    Seeing people go naked can be a double edge sword. I guess it would be a good example of the beauty and the beast .

    On a more serious note, Levi Straus lost an incredible amount of market share when they endorsed the homo agenda a few years back. As I understand it, the social conservatives mounted a boycott the likes of which Straus never imagined and their market share quickly eroded. So now they’re trying to recover a bit by courting the greenie-wienies. Some idiots never learn, do they!

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