Kerry-Boxer bill updates

October 24, 2009

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) released an updated 923-page version of the Kerry-Boxer global warming legislation late last night with new details on emissions allocations, which are similar to Waxman-Markey.

Here are the:

9 Responses to “Kerry-Boxer bill updates”

  1. nothothere Says:


    Sadly you are probably on to something there.

    However I am still encouraged by the wisdom and foresight of the founding fathers, that whole 67 Senators to ratify a treaty thing was a very good guess on their part.

    I tried calmly communicating with my congress critters and was told to SHUT UP AND PAY YOUR POSTAGE STAMP A DAY. So now I have switched to ridicule.

    Did you know that back in the 1970’s a US Representative introduced a bill to ban the EMISSION OF ANY RADIATION OF ANY KIND from lasers!!!

    And the bright lads at NASA sealed three men in a metal can and filled it with PURE oxygen. Then they actually had to have an investigation to figure out what went wrong!!!

    The truth will come out, it always does. Hopefully before too much damage is done.


  2. dublds Says:

    Nothothere, you are my new best friend. As a physicist, I too have seen nothing in this theory that puts the LAWS of thermodynamics in peril. But I have seen a gross, incomprehensible lack of understanding of these well proven laws from people proclaiming themselves to be scientists. Funny.

    Doesn’t matter though. Welder4 is right, this is an attempt by the rest of the world to cripple or destroy the dollar. How do I know that? Well because several countries have called for exactly that, very recently, and very publicly. However sensing that countries like China and India whose economies are heavily pegged to the dollar won’t have it, the next logical option is to create a carbon currency that the dollar is subject to, which in turn levels the playing field between the dollar and other nations’ currencies. What else would you expect from the woman who has proudly been driving California’s economy to baknruptcy for 20 years and the man who brokered the sale of our rocket technology to China (for a cut of course).

    Hilariously this theory is supported by significantly more evidence and its outcome is significantly more predictable than that of Global Warming. Despite what all those ‘scientists’ in the blogosphere assert…

  3. antigreennuke Says:

    At Copenhagen they’ll try to buy the yes votes from India and China. They’re going to promise them a trillion dollars in foreign aid if they simply go along with the fraud until the American people have been trapped into an international treaty they can’t ever get out of. That’s also the reason why Cap and trade isn’t going to do much in the first years – this allows certain people (Al Gore, Pelosi, Reid etc.) to retire and/or relocate so by the time the hammer of Cap and trade drops and the rest of the economy is outsourced and destroyed, they’ll be safe.

  4. nothothere Says:

    Crap and Tax – A Lobotomy for the United States of America?

    OK, I’ll start right off by admitting that I am a “Climate Change” Denier, Naysayer, Skeptic, Cynic, Disbeliever, Doubter, Doubting Thomas, Flat Earther, and any other phrases that you might find in your Thesaurus. There, I admit it… Do I feel guilty about the future of the planet? No, not in the least…

    Why do I reach this decision? Because, as an engineer I have extensive training on the actual limits placed on human activities by the LAWS OF PHYSICS. For more than a quarter of a century I have tried to design things that violate the LAWS OF PHYSICS. I am ashamed to admit that I HAVE NOT BROKEN ANY OF THEM YET. As an engineer I am in the FRONT LINES fighting the LAWS OF PHYSICS every day. So far the LAWS OF PHYSICS are winning, 99-0.

    So, here is one of those NASTY little LAWS OF PHYSICS, it’s called the THIRD LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS. It can make for a really drowsy read, but the simple version states:


    Yep, that’s it, pretty simple; it means that there is NOTHING NATURE, OR A MAN/WOMAN CAN DO TO TRAP HEAT. This LAW is demonstrated MILLIONS of times every day. When you put more insulation into the attic of your house, you are SLOWING the flow of heat from inside (umm, warm and toasty) to the outside (ugh, cold and wet). You are NOT TRAPPING HEAT.

    Ask yourself this simple question; if a Greenhouse can “TRAP HEAT” why is it colder inside one in January than in August? Why can’t you “trap” the heat from August and use it during the whole rest of the year? Because of the THIRD LAW…

    So, if the THIRD LAW is enforced in manmade greenhouses on the surface of the earth, why is it not enforced in the atmosphere of the earth? Simple answer, it applies equally in all locations…

    So you are probably now asking, what’s that whole Lobotomy thing about? Back in the 1930’s and 1940’s there was a “consensus” that lobotomies’ were an effective treatment for mental disorders. Unfortunately, one sibling of a recently deceased US Senator from Massachusetts had this “therapy” applied to her. In fact, the doctor that “perfected” the lobotomy was awarded a Noble prize for his efforts to torture and cripple individual human beings. Of course, it was later determined that the “consensus” was ”mistaken”. Whoops! The next “consensus” will certainly do better, we promise…

    So are we really ready to perform a Lobotomy on the Economy of the United States of America by passing the CRAP AND TAX bill because a “consensus” is really really sure that;

    “most” of the (poorly measured) warming is “very likely” caused by human activities ? (UN IPCC statement, paraphrased slightly).

    Should we commit economic suicide because a “consensus” is sure that MOST of the (poorly measured) warming is VERY LIKELY caused by humans? One definition of MOST is “more than half”, and the UN’s own definition of VERY LIKELY is 90%, so the UN is stating that 51% * 90% = 45% of the (poorly measured) “warming” is caused by human activities. Should we perform a self-inflicted lobotomy to “solve” a problem that has a likely occurrence of 45% ?

    You should of course also know that the manufacturers of this “consensus” depend entirely on the propagation of the “consensus” for their livelihood i.e.: no consensus, no jobs.

  5. nothothere Says:

    “Carbon Storage Research Corporation” (page 100 line 20)

    Anybody else here remember the

    “Synthetic Fuels Corporation” ?

    Very Good Idea, let’s waste TONS of MONEY and ENERGY to concentrate a trace gas to lethal levels and then store it under our feet. BRILLIANT !!! It will of course reduce the temperature in 2100 by at least 0.001 degrees, unless the models are wrong…

    The parallels between a certain 1970’s president and the current occupant of the WH are STAGGERING


  6. bear865 Says:

    ONE THING I am trying to get through to everybody here:

    The one thing we really must focus on right now is the ILLEGALITY of “Obama’s” illegal and unconstitutional usurpation of the Office of the President, which MAY make the whole federal “government” ILLEGAL AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL right now.

    We have got to get to the truth of his “citizenship” status, if any, and we have got to get courts with enough courage to uphold the law to get him OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE.

    I know this sounds strange, but all this other crap can wait, because since he is ILLEGAL, nothing he does, signs, etc. WILL BE LEGAL. Every day is usurps the office, more and more damage is done to the Nation, The Constitution, and our legal system.

    If we go chasing all this other stuff right now, it will be as if we are in cul-de-sacs chasing our tails, which is exactly where the Bankstah Gangstahs want us.

    Even if we end up with motor-mouth Biden as President, at least it will not be Nancy Pelosi (God help us), and he should at least be legal. And I think it will be easier to put the screws to Biden than to the Mack Daddy.

    I know all this other crap is dangerous, but it detracts from the foremost danger of all: AN ILLEGAL AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL ERSATZ “PRESIDENT”. If we do not get him OUT OF THERE, the dangers of world “Metropolis” government will grow at an exponentially accelerating rate. This IS the greatest danger of all!!


  7. bear865 Says:

    Obamacare, cap and trade, Copenhagen: these are all acts being pushed hard by an impostor/usurper, an illegal alien, in no case a legal, Constitutional “president”.

    This is, it appears to me, what THEY think to be a final assault on the USA, at the root of which, as it has always been, the Bankstah Ganstahs, including the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and others, and their minions, including the Clinton/Bush oligarchy, out of which comes the Mack Daddy, and a now thoroughly illegal and Unconstitutional federal “government”. After that, THEY will impose their world-wide “Metropolis” (no happy ending), including the genocide (murder) of 90% of the Earth’s human population.

    It will soon be necessary to put the Abolition Clause of the Declaration of Independence into effect, hopefully in peace, under The Constitution, but blood and violence may be required to rescue The Constitution, after which we let Washington, DC ROT on the vine, and we establish a NEW Federal Government (this can be done, under The Constitution).

    After that, we must carefully research how THEY managed to get this Nation in the mess that it is in, and then, in a secret Constitutional Convention, RESTATE The Constitution so that it cannot be done again. (The 1787 Constitutional Convention was also held in secret.)

    This is a hell of a lot of work, but it has to be done, AND SOON! Hopefully, it can be done peacefully, but of that, I have my doubts.

  8. welder4 Says:

    If the health care passes and the Cap an tax passes we should see the death of the dollar in about three weeks after that . any one got any old barrels I need some heat this winter and am thinking about installing at least two in my home to burn twigs and branches as I can pick that up for free. I am running out of electricity writing all the e-mails to my so called representatives I only get nothing in return, they think I am a kook . I did get a call from Sherrod Browns office asking me to please believe in global warming myth but I told the guy on the phone if Brown was for Cap an trade he was in bed with Gore and the rest of the crooks.

  9. mcgrats Says:

    There was an interesting article in the 10/23/09 issue of IBD titled “China, India Cancel Out Copenhagen.” If it is as IBD asserts, I’ll give our weak kneed senators (especially Pansy Graham) an “Out” for voting against C&T (as if any were needed).

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