JunkScience is under construction…

October 26, 2009

JunkScience.com is undergoing a major hardware upgrade

Popularity comes with a price and, for JunkScience.com, that means a major hardware upgrade to meet expanding demand.

For the week ending Friday October 30, the main page will be in “fixed” mode, with no updates occurring.

For topical items and interaction why not log in to the still active JunkScience.com forum here: http://forum.junkscience.com/. No account? No problem, just create your own here: http://forum.junkscience.com/index.php?action=register

Get your JunkScience fix on the forum and, here, on GreenHellBlog for now. JunkScience’s main site will resume updating on a faster, more robust platform with the new week.

These are exciting times, come join in the fun.

4 Responses to “JunkScience is under construction…”

    • justbeau Says:

      Should universities clearly establish separate wings, to transparently reveal their political schisms? MIT could establish a GWarming fearful department and have a separate GW skeptical department.

      How best to protect the integrity of science within academic disciplines which through no fault of their own have come to serve political ends?

  1. justbeau Says:

    Lindzen combines better science on a key point, with explanations for why other human beings act and believe as they do.
    Many GW believers are true believers. Their sincerity is not in question. Rather its their grasp of uncertainties.
    Given an entire planet with no easy single place to measure temperature, which is constantly changing anyway through time, there are of course uncertainties.
    Yet some politicians prefer to state all the science has been done, its time to spend trillions of dollars.
    This seems to be the situation confronting Congress.

  2. justbeau Says:

    Professor Lindzen’s presentation of October 26 is a splendid contribution to the cause of reason and in the highest traditions of courage and serving democracy.

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