Exelon CEO bobbleheaded at Senate hearing

November 2, 2009

Meet Exelon CEO John Rowe…

John Rowe is the “Carbon Bandit.”

Wanted Poster Exelon Sketch Final

Here’s his JunkScience.com-commissioned bobblehead…

Rowe Bobblehead 092309

… and here’s the bobblehead being presented to his Rowe at last week’s Senate hearing on Kerry-Boxer:

Rowe gets bobblehead


Will the real John Rowe please stand up… or at least stop rent-seeking?

2 Responses to “Exelon CEO bobbleheaded at Senate hearing”

  1. […] John Rowe, the “Carbon Bandit” may be back for another cap-and-trade raid on taxpayer and ratepayer wallets courtesy of the […]

  2. […] dollars in subsidies. Click here to watch Rowe’s talk. BTW, JunkScience.com commissioned the “Carbon Bandit” bobblehead that Rowe waved and refers to as “cherished” during his address. LikeBe the […]

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