World Wildlife Fund: The hypocrisy that keeps on giving

November 9, 2009

We received the following invitation from the World Wildlife Fund to “Celebrate the Bounty of the Bering Sea… Before It’s Too Late” — with the latter part of the invite referring to the much-dreaded climate change.

WWF Alaska

And just how did the WWF “celebrate the bounty of the Bering Sea”? By eating it, of course. As the invitation states, “Taste wild Alaskan salmon, the bounty of the sea.” So for the salmon on the menu, it was already too late. But we digress…

The glaring hypocrisy here is the WWF’s dual focus on eating wild Alaskan salmon while fretting about global warming. How does the WWF think the wild Alaskan salmon got to Manhattan? Did they swim? Walk? Drive a SmartCar? Bicycle? Were they beamed to Manhattan by Scotty?

None of the above — they were, of course, flown by airplane.

According to Alaska Airlines, it flies about 750,000 pounds of Alaskan salmon annually to diners from San Francisco to Manhattan.

How green is this?

As reported by Seattle Weekly,

“For seafood…, ‘fresh’ often means ‘air-flown,’ which is 10 times more emission-intensive than transporting products by ship… Pablo Päster, an authority on carbon emissions with the Toronto-based environmental consulting group ClimateCheck, recently… compared the carbon impact of transporting a Copper River king salmon (headed and gutted on shore to a weight of 25 pounds) the 1,738 miles from Cordova to Anchorage and on to Seattle, versus shipping it the same route. His conclusion: Delivery by air produces 57 times more CO2. In this sense, first is worst.

We sent folks to take pictures at the WWF event. Look at that wild Alaskan salmon/Bounty of the Bering Sea… you can almost feel the planet heating up!

WWF slide

WWF plate

WWF salmon

And to think that it was only about a year ago that we broke the “Five Star Green Hypocrisy” story involving the WWF’s $65,000-per-person, 25-day private luxury jet tour of the world’s most exotic locales.

The WWF and its elitist supporters may think — or may want you to think — that the world is coming to an end because of carbon dioxide, but they plan on savoring every emission they can while denying yours.

8 Responses to “World Wildlife Fund: The hypocrisy that keeps on giving”

  1. dublds Says:

    Well alright! Looks like the WWF is going to give PETA a run for its money as the biggest animal killing organization. Who doesn’t love competition?

    I don’t know about you, but it makes me rabid with anger to think about a bunch of self-worshipping progressive pricks sitting around eating specially imported Alaskan salmon while talking about how they’re going to save the planet and animals from the greedy grubbing common consumers. How pathetic that socially maladjusted kids whose only friend was their teddy bear, grew to be such resentful, hypocritical, self serving pricks. And they shamelessly tout their equally pathetic adulthood as better and more righteous because they now project their insecurities onto REAL bears…right before they kill them, fly them halfway around the world and eat them.


  2. bear865 Says:

    This is how the eco-elite have behaved for years. not 1% of their useful-idiot “followers” (and these people always need “leaders”, or more precisely, “gurus”).

    Their intention is to depopulate the humans on the planet by 90%, per Barry O’s nut-case science adviser, and then to have the world to themselves, even though under true capitalism and not oligarchy/plutocracy (which most of these bastards are, whether Stalinist or fascist (bottom line: not a lot of difference), the planet could cleanly support quite a few more people than it now has.

    They would need drugged/chipped slaves to run this “heaven on earth” (for them) hence allowing 10% to live. I predict these would be Chinese peasants, who would still have the mindset to just be slaves, and let it go at that.

    And this is all part of the larger globalista plot to steal the world from humanity. And believe me, none of these bastards care whether they are hypocrites or not!! They are completely self-interested, and are amoral byeond belief. Being hypocrites is such a small thing anyway, considering what they plan to do. In fact, it is nothing at all.

    • bear865 Says:

      DUH!! I did not finish the first paragraph. Here is what it should say:

      ‘This is how the eco-elite have behaved for years. not 1% of their useful-idiot “followers” (and these people always need “leaders”, or more precisely, “gurus”) have a clue as to what is going on.’

  3. […] Our friend and junk-science debunker Steve Milloy spots a great example of the hypocrisy of the environmentalist industry in action. World Wildlife Fund: The hypocrisy that keeps on giving […]

  4. welder4 Says:

    I would gladly pay for one air fare to Africa for one liberal if every one would do the same and leave them there, a one way ticket only and not to return here to the USA . We are perched on the rim to destroy the greatest western horse we have ever know , the Mustang, not the car . they are sterilizing them now and it will lead to an extinct animal , what happened to save the whale slogan ? I guess polar bears are more important, all the horse can do is carry you around from place to place and the bear can eat you . It is not the elites that pollute it is the scrubs who work every day making a living, the elites do enough good to cover their Co2 foot print. It is not about being green. As close as they will get to being green is the money they will make .

  5. shrimper53 Says:

    It is quite a shame to see what the eco-advocacy organizations have become. Nobel intent, at least initially; now they’re primarily the home of elitist hyppocrits, old-world socialist/marxists/communists, and new statists who share the authoritarian mindset. Thanks to you Steve, for continuing to expose the fraud.

  6. justbeau Says:

    Eco-NGOs are self-interested. They aim to earn money, to pay their employees. The very essence of their business is complaining about something and seeking dollars for their performance as complainers. This gives them economic incentive to believe in the great dread of climate change, while wooing donors with wild salmon and champagne.

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