CO2 Rock Star?

November 11, 2009

Peridotite, the mineral pictured below, absorbs carbon dioxide. As discussed in this article, one researcher wants federal funds to study the potential of “mineral sequestration.”

If it works, think of all the CO2 we’ll be able to store in the heads of environmentalists.

CO2 Rock Star?

4 Responses to “CO2 Rock Star?”

  1. kaziklibey Says:

    For those who favor life CO2 should be a star, it’s importance is as understated as it’s villany is overstated by those who favor death and absence of life to such a degree they label it a pollutant.

    These two goliaths Buffet and Gates should construct two air tight biosperes, one for Buffet with elevated CO2 levels, one for Gates with little or no CO2, both pre-equipped with lovely gardens and animals to provide the men with nourishment. Busy men these two, we’d even let proxies fill in for them. Period of time inside, 1 year. I’ll volunteer to take Buffet’s place, which great believer will fill in for Gates?

    It would be extremely unlikely even a single one of the Malthusian morons would be willing to put themselves on the line over their supposed beliefs. But they are always eager to be a vocal member of the cult, that has it’s rewards, primarily serving as a form of mental masterbation, a “feel good” thing.

    They may not much like the thought of themselves slowly dying in a fruitless demonstration of their “truths.” But they sure don’t mind causing countless others to slowly die as long as they profit a little “feel good” from it.

    Of course, like any decent self respecting death cult the puppeteers in charge operate immune from the congregation’s criticism while living lives of unbelievable hypocrisy.

    Sorry about the tangent, I did read the article. and Why waste tax dollars to fund senseless “study” of peridotite over a problem that has nothing to do with CO2, and everything to do with taxpayer funds encouraging fraudulent “research” by being there in the first place.

    All that aside, CO2 still deserves superstar status.

  2. Flash Says:

    Just last night I witnessed Bill Gates who (along with Warren Buffet) were center stage on CNBC on location at Columbia University.. Gates stated that “bubbles” of activity such as the current hoopla over the global environment tend to spawn many new ideas and ventures – the vast majority of which are utter failures.. Notwithstanding the incredibly hypocrisy of these two (especially Buffet), Gates comment was spot on and government subsidies for rocks that sequester a trace gas unproven to be detrimental (in fact essential) is a profound example…

    • justbeau Says:

      Actually hoopla over anything, good or goofy, begets a lot of new ideas, the vast majority of which fail.

      Buffett is making a big investment in something tangible and old tech — a railroad with which to carry coal. Its a good idea. Lots of land with railroads. We will be using the coal. Rail is a near monopoly, so it charge a lot. Warren is keeping his wits, even if nitwits are excited about C02.

  3. justbeau Says:

    Sounds like a great idea for obtaining a government grant to enable eco-scientists to get paid to think about fixes for the problem that they say is so bad.

    Which is more plausible? Eco-science or some of the instruments being peddled by Wall Street or Enron?

    Who to trust?

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