The Ugly European

November 17, 2009

In contrast to Der Spiegel (below), the Financial Times editorializes today that the U.S. (read “Obama”) should not be blamed for the failure of Copenhagen. Instead, the FT opines:

… The US has a right to take its time. Admittedly, its political process has been frustrating: the simple fact that Americans must live less carbon-intensive lives and pay more for their gasoline has yet to be explained to voters, and the current bill has serious flaws. But, still, the country must be given time to agree a position…

Why must we live less carbon-intensive lives/ Why must we pay more for gasoline? Because that’s what Europeans want?

Our political process is “frustrating”? That’s rich from a continent whose political processes killed one hundred million people during the 20th century and required THREE major U.S. interventions to save it from carnage and oppression.

One Response to “The Ugly European”

  1. justbeau Says:

    The Financial Times and Economist have been captured by eco-nur writers, who must want to be friends with Labour. When the Conservatives get in office, the tone could change.

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