Utility refuses to promise benefits from smart meters

November 23, 2009

Duke Energy wants to charge its consumers more for smart meters, but doesn’t want to promise that consumers will receive any benefits from them.

Check out the release from the Office of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel.

3 Responses to “Utility refuses to promise benefits from smart meters”

  1. Jim A Says:

    I was supposed to get a job writing training documentation at the new Iatan 2 coal plant outside of KC, so I did a lot of studying up on it. The project was held up for a few years until they settled a suit with the Sierra Club to build a large wind farm as offsets. KCP&L now has to raise rates about 25% to pay for the wind farm.

    Here’s what they asked for in 2008:

    Click to access NR_Sep05_08.pdf

    There’s a more recent article somewhere about how they are asking to raise rates even more. Besides Missouri, Kansas is also asking for a 25% raise in rates.

    I guess that could be a benefit. As Obama put it: “electricity costs would necessarily skyrocket”. If it’s only 25%, that’s not quite skyrocketing. 😉

  2. twawki Says:

    Monbiot apologies
    BBC had files 2 weeks prior
    Heads about to roll in Australian politics

    More here; http://www.twawki.wordpress.com

    • overthrower Says:

      I read a paper yesterday about smart meters and expected results, looked abysmal to me. No real savings, just inconvenience and disruption.

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