Dutch cyclists throw Smart cars in canals

December 21, 2009

Bike-friendly Holland is having a hard time adjusting to the new government policy promoting electric/fuel efficient cars — dozens of Smart cars have been tossed into Amsterdam canals this year.

Dutch cyclist Govert de With told Climatewire that,

It’s better if there are no cars.”

19 Responses to “Dutch cyclists throw Smart cars in canals”

  1. tuathanaich Says:

    You’d think that somebody could do a better job of PhotoShopping the Smart into the picture of the canal. It comes off looking as though it is the size of an HGV cab.

  2. petrossa Says:

    Well there is a craze in Holland to throw Smart cars in the canals. But it has nothing to do with ‘cyclists’. Its a youngsters prank. Mostly drunk, on an evening out they throw them in the water. Why? Just because they can.

  3. prefectford Says:

    I wonder if this could become an olympic sport. Since these are death traps on wheels the owners are safer with them in the canales.

    The advantage of owning a hummer is never having to deal with this. Hummer gooood

  4. johnnylucid Says:

    Schadenfreude, big time. I detest the allegedly smart Smart Cars. I think they are vertical posture coffins with built in casters. Anyone ever see one on the Beltway?

  5. […] Dutch Cyclists Don’t think much of smart cars. […]

    • gt500bill Says:

      Thats because most of the ones who ride bikes are students and spend most of there money on marijuana and hookers in the red light district so they are broke and have to ride bikes

  6. tadchem Says:

    So, your solution is to let the criminals have a pass and punish the victims? You may have a career in the UK courts. These eco-Fascisti are picking on the one who are trying to reduce the problem, and polluting the canals with automotive fluids while they are at it.

    • antigreennuke Says:

      I was just pointing out that if it is indeed cyclists that are doing the Smart-tipping, then shouldn’t they have a license plate on their bikes? I mean they’re installing license plate scanning cameras in traffic lights now, we’re becoming an Orwellian police state, but cyclists are getting a free ride all the way.

  7. Bob Says:

    I sat in a smart car. The Dutch have the right idea. They are better as fishing structure than means of transportation.

  8. wizardjr Says:

    “It’s better if there are no cars.”

    Okay, fine. Get all the names of these Luddites and when they need an ambulance, make sure it’s a bicycle ambulance. One that takes an hour to peddle over to his suffering ass and then an hour to the hospital. Oh, and all they can carry to the injury site is all they can peddle with. If he’s obese, then he’ll have to wait for a call to a second bicycle team to come on over to double-team haul his carcass to the hospital. Seems reasonable to me.

  9. aslanleon Says:

    Good thing they don’t live in Arizona or the next headline would read “Cyclists squashed like insects on the windshields of pickup trucks.”

  10. antigreennuke Says:

    Good thing that cars have mandatory license plates and VINs. So they can track down these evil car drivers and hand them the bill for pulling the car out of the canal…

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