Sen. Boxer condemns JunkScience’s ‘Carbon Criminal’ posters

December 22, 2009

Watch Sen. Barbara Boxer condemn’s Carbon Criminal posters in her Dec. 14, 2009 press conference for her remarks on the COP-15 meeting in Copenhagen.

14 Responses to “Sen. Boxer condemns JunkScience’s ‘Carbon Criminal’ posters”

  1. dublds Says:

    Funny that Boxer condemns so-called “hackers” for exposing publicly funded e-mails, while ignoring their damning content.

    Now inexplicably she has turned her full focus on the CONTENT of

    Seems to me the only thing Steve is guilty of is saying what you mean and exercising his freedom of speech. How funny that THAT of all things, is the thing she can’t abide.

    In all sincerity, FUCK Barbara Boxer. It will be one of my finest moments when I pull the lever for Carly Fiorina or Chuck DeVore come election day…

  2. overthrower Says:

    Will she tackle the climategate emails next?

    Should she take the side of the whistleblower of nonleaked memos and FOIA


    Defend the lying fraudsters?

  3. […] Sen. Boxer condemns JunkScience’s ‘Carbon Criminal’ posters Watch Sen. Barbara Boxer condemn’s Carbon Criminal posters in her Dec. 14, 2009 press conference […] […]

  4. henrybowman Says:

    This person has been a US Senator for how long? I thought senators would develop some sort of talent for public speaking. The average high school oral book report is delivered with more coherence and authority than Boxer is managing here.

    What’s especially funny is to hear Boxer claim that her job is to ignore all the personal attacks and focus on the science here. But what is the field of expertise of a politician — science, or personalities?

  5. westhoustongeo Says:

    I just listened again and realized that “babs” is just stumbling along with no real understanding of the subject. She seems to want to say that the skeptics are being just as nasty as the alarmists. But, she has not got a grip on the facts (notice how those graphics disappeared?)and can’t even manage that.

    You don’t seriously think that she’s “under the influence”, do you? It looks like that to me, but who am I to say…?

  6. westhoustongeo Says:

    Call her “senator” because we should always call underlings by their rank, just as the military does. “Ma’am” and “Sir” are reserved for superiors, and she is anything but that.

    That to me, was the funniest part of the General’s encounter with Babs…”call me inferior”, she insisted! 😉

  7. tmitsss Says:

    Ma’am, How did that Copenhagen thing work out?

  8. papiertigre Says:

    Lets count the errors in that short little 2 minute speech.

    #1 She accuses Sen Inhofe of calling business leaders who thwarted action on climate change prostitutes (that would be businessmen who are climate realists – not alarmists).
    Highly doubtful. Why would Inhofe call business leaders who are against climate change legislation such. These are his allies.

    #2 She claims that you called “the vast majority of climate scientists” carbon criminals.
    The graphic is refering to the business leaders, not scientists. (This isn’t to be construed as meaning that the vast majority of “climate scientists”, who produce reams of junkscience because of the great gobs of government grant money offered for that sort of thing, aren’t carbon prostitutes. They surely are. It’s just to note Sen Boxer’s incompetence.)

  9. tadchem Says:

    I have heard it said that you may measure a man by the size of those who consider him an enemy. Congratulations, Steve! Maybe the President will condemn you in a State of the Union message someday.

  10. prefectford Says:

    This is too rich. Just listen to her, Um Um Um and Um. The state of California must be proad. I am beging to think that the sixties were real good to Babs “don’t call me smart” Boxer.
    The best part here is Finstien is killing a whole bunch of solar projects in California.

  11. johnnylucid Says:

    Excellent publicity for and the Green Hell blog! Talked about an “earned” media placement.

    Keep drivin’ ’em nuts, Junkman!

  12. justbeau Says:

    Senator Boxer does not make a persuasive case. Her argument is that opponents are not credible, because they call Global Warmers names, instead of dealing with the “science.” She seems to want to act like America’s mom and dismiss any criticism as just kids calling each other names.
    This shows zero grasp of the issues involved, so is not designed to make her seem competent to anyone able to think for themselves. She portrays herself as an unthinking supporter of people she believes are genuine scientists, instead of eco-scientific-rascals like Dr. Mann and Dr. Jones.
    It is delightfully silly the Honorable Senator for the great State of California is unable to distinguish corporate big-wigs from her own scientists.

  13. genezeien Says:

    Sure hope Al Gore is on that list. Oh, wait… he buys indulgences to offset his carbon footprint, from himself. Wonder if he uses those offsets as a tax write-off?

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