Former GE CEO opposes climate-energy bill

June 16, 2010

Former GE CEO Jack Welch said today on CNBC that:

1. Obama should be focusing on the gulf oil spill “not new energy plans”; and

2. Our “pretty good economy” should not be “damaged” with “carbon taxes.”

“Let’s get [the economy] going,” he said.

Ironically, GE CEO Jeff Immelt and other USCAP CEOs will be pushing the climate bill on Capitol Hill tomorrow at a luncheon prior to the Democratic caucus meeting.

Welch built GE into the largest and most valuable company in the world. Immelt, in contrast, brought GE to the verge of bankruptcy, requiring a $140 billion federal bailout.

Click to watch the three-minute CNBC clip.

5 Responses to “Former GE CEO opposes climate-energy bill”

  1. hedeby1 Says:

    So Jack Welch finally spoke up on something. This is the guy who was challenged as to why GE’s NBC unit was allowed to spew anti-free market, anti-capitalist and otherwise leftist propaganda as news. This was not criticism to get NBC to slant the other way, but to try some journalism instead of editorializing. Welch replied that doing so, that is, stopping his subordinates from attacking their own sources of income along with others was too trivial to bother for someone so busy and important as himself. Jack — defacto — created the opening for FoxNews in the process. Maybe his doing/saying the right thing here means he has more time in his retirement.

  2. […] man who made GE great, Jack Welch, doesn’t approve of his once proud firm becoming a green subsidy […]

  3. bringier Says:

    “Blue Dog” Democrats are no longer alive. “Yellow Dog” Democrats now rule. (A ‘yellow dog’ votes for any and every bill with a ‘D’ attached.)

    We now have one party rule. If you like that then move to Cuba.

    NOVEMBER is IMPORTANT !!! VOTE Republican. Do NOT abstain or vote for a third party. You may not totally agree with your Republican canditate BUT the dems will vote as a block.

    Energy is the lifeblood of a civilized society. We have lots of petrol & years to develop alternatives. (Most wind turbines and photovoltic cells are made in China – a country building a coal-fired plant every month none with polution controls.)

    When 50+ percent of voters pay no taxes, are illegal but still vote, or work for the governmrnt, then an isolated island sounds good! (I wish I still had one of my 6 sailboats.)

  4. bobrgeologist Says:

    Of course these corporate giants can’t see beyond their bottom line if they are energy producers. However extracting it from civilians will reduce consumption of all manufactured goods made in the USA and manufacturing jobs galore will go to foreign countries. Soon the Gov’t will have to feed everybody with no money but ious. What has been accomplished by this brilliant effort at climate control by sequestering CO2 because of a drastically misplaced Green fear of man overheating the earth? Something that has never happened in the past and is totally counterproductive. Face reality. We are in a glacial mode with ice at the poles. Our weak sun cannot prevent the world from icing up without a healthy GHG (greenhouse gas) to retain some of the warmed earth heat from radiating back into space. Now, follow me one more step. Having spent all of the world’s money to cripple our greenhouse gases, we succeed beyond the Greenies wildest dreams and and those polar ice sheets begin moving toward the equator. Another ice age is upon us, we have no means to retaliate, man joins the 98+% of species that have ever lived by–
    freezing in the dark. Suddenly, peace and quiet rules the Earth again in the Arctic night. And nowhere in the Universe a tear is shed.

  5. welder4 Says:

    Seems we are surrounded by a bowl full of crooks as far as the eye can see we have people lined up for the carbon credits so they can stuff their pockets at the expense of the consumer. when is it going to end , I say when the Obama crew is out of the white house for good . and we have a split congress that can’t pass a bill other then correct the Obama administrations goofs.

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