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Al Gore’s ‘moral sense’ and ‘integrity’

June 23, 2010

The same day that Al Gore allegedly sexually attacked a masseuse in Portland, Oregon, he said the following at a presentation of his infamous slide show:

“[Global warming] will give us the chance to experience something few generations ever know — a sense of moral purpose.” [Source: The Columbian (Vancouver, WA), Oct. 25, 2006]

The Columbian went on to quote one Jonathan Potkin who said,

“I admire that fact that he could just as well have left well enough alone [and left public life]. I think he is a pretty genuine character. It’s too bad there aren’t more people in government who have that same integrity.”

POP QUIZ: Which of the below isn’t like the others?

  • Moral sense
  • Integrity
  • Sexual assault