Mann blames heat wave on manmade warming

July 8, 2010

In this LOL-interview with CleanSkiesTV, hockey stick inventor Michael Mann blames the current East Coast heat wave on manmade warming!

The interview is 10+ minutes. Blaming the heat wave on manamde warming occurs at about 6:45 into the interview.

12 Responses to “Mann blames heat wave on manmade warming”

  1. […] Confusing the weather for climate might just about be forgivable for an over-promoted, under educated fool like Al Gore, but surely the inventor of the hockey stick graph should know better?  Apparently not. […]

  2. higley7 Says:

    Mann is bought and paid for. There is absolutely no upside for him not to claim warming 24/7 under any circumstances. But, as his statements are not based on real science, they should be considered merely biased opinions, which, of course, have no weight regarding science and the real world.

    He has drunk the KoolAid and is a paid lackey of the political agenda of the AGW program.

    He simply cannot be trusted and should not be a scientist as he constantly spouts statements that are not based on defendable science, but on unethical selection, manipulation, and interpretation of the data. The scientific method is not applied honestly in his work and he freely steps way beyond his “science” to make unfounded, alarmist statements that the public is likely to believe, thinking that they are hearing truth from a scientist.

    As he is funded to do science using normally acceptable methods, he is certainly, in my assessment, guilty of fraud regarding the intent of the funding.

  3. hedeby1 Says:

    Cranks of the world unite. One would think the nearest REAL climatologist would have informed him El Nińo ended and we are in La Nińa now. Before opening his mouth to change feet, he might have looked around and found that at the same time, northern Idaho/eastern Washington had the wettest, coldest June since the records began with the Idaho Gold Rush in north central Idaho in 1860. While the eastern U.S. swelters, the deep river valleys like that so often spend the summer 10 degrees less than Phoenix have thus far had no 100s and only two 90s. Ipso facto, apparently Mann believes the gasses of the atmostphere do not circulate uniformly per the laws of physics.

    • amal3113 Says:

      I wonder why this has been one of the coolest summers in history for Oklahoma? That is probably due to global warming, too. Here it is normally over 100 degrees for the next few months, and it has not been higher than 82. Makes me want to go hmmmmm. BTW, I am one of the 35,000+ (haven’t checked lately) who have signed and been checked out as being who I am and what I say, the petition stating that I don’t believe that global warming exists, and that climate change is something that happens. In fact right now the global temps are dropping. (That is probably due to global warming, too, according to the wacko scientists who go along with this government and worldwide hype to get our money.) I am a geophysicist, specifically a geomorphologist. I study how the earth has developed and what the globe has gone through. BTW, I have heard from a fellow phsyicist that there are now close to 50,000 signitures on the petition. And this is US scientists, only. Imagine what it would be if it were a world wide petition, and if it would get any press, or any of us who believe this would get any press. – Not!

  4. bobrgeologist Says:

    A climate scientist who could come up with the hockey stick graph, with all the data available on our Holocene climate, has to have had an ulterior motive. In reality, a climate graph of this 12,000 year interval more closely resembles a sine curve. It began with the warm up that removed the Wisconsin stage glacier, followed by a 1,300 year cold stage, (Younger Dryas).’Then came the Holocene Optimum culminating about 8,000 years bp (before present). Followed by warm spells culminating around 5,000, 2,500 and 1,000 bp(Middle Ages). By 1,300AD we were in the Maunder Minimum (Little Ice Age) from which we’ve been recovering until 1940AD, then climates cooled slightly until 1970AD, warmed slightly to late 1990’s. Since that time Dr. Jones of CRU admits there has been MO WARMING. This is the kind of evidence that
    Michael Mann has been absolved of by his University, Penn State. It is the old story of the fox guarding the hen house. I’ll wager it has happened at every University awarded research grants of public funds totaling over $30 billion dollars to justify the fiction that climate can be controlled by limiting man’s production of CO2.

  5. bvalen Says:

    All I can say is, people hadn’t better take this stink lightly because there are enough people around to swallow it.

    Credible people ought to be rebutting this where ever they can – or else let this kind of crap do some more damage

  6. c024al Says:


    • fjroso Says:

      LOL. An impartial and highly ethical bunch of academics from Penn State, exonerated him. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the millions in Federal grants that he brings in or the fact that they did not actually verify his research.

      • amal3113 Says:

        Senator Jim Inhofe is checking into this fox guarding the hen house issue. It is not dead yet. They have not won yet. He is keeping it alive and well. He is from Oklahoma, my state, and he has environmental sanity. One of the few unless we remember in November.

  7. fjroso Says:

    I guess now that he has been “exonerated,” he is golden. Not that the exoneration had anything to do with the validity of his “science.”

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