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Grist commenter incites violence against CEOs, corporations

September 7, 2010

The leaders of Greenpeace, and the Rainforest Action Network published an article today on entitled, “A call for direct action in the climate movement: we need your ideas” — and boy did they get one.

Less than one week after Discovery Channel gunman James J. Lee went down in a blaze of violent ignominy, one commenter wrote,

… When someone is proud of taking advantage of another human being shoot the bastard. John Brown would have killed everybody who thought slavery was boss, or groovy, well we feel the same way, pollute and die, its that easy especially for Corporations and their laziest of all people CEOs. We declare war on CEOs and corporations that kill our brothers and sisters. Don’t need courts or judges, we got ropes. Scare the crap out of those who pollute, hang a few and our air will improve. Bill is that what you had in mind, the Crystalline Matrix has formed like a giant spider’s web, who will understand the “burning bright.” This is the year of the Tigeress.
the Director [Emphasis added]

The radical green management can call for non-violence all it wants — the zombies it has created seem poised to achieve their ends by other means.

BTW Grist, incitement to violence is NOT protected by the First Amendment.