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Another Grist commenter rejects nonviolence

September 8, 2010

Following up on yesterday’s post about greens urging violence now that they’re are losing politically on cap-and-trade, here’s another commenter’s suggestion:

I think Karl Marx might be more relevant than Gandhi or MLK. This is essentially a PROPERTY issue. GCC isn’t really about oppression and prejudice; its ultimately about wealth and material things.

We don’t want to hurt people, or be hurt ourselves. But there are ways to target property that could make a statement.

Here’s an example: What if we start by throwing green paint on parked Hummers and similarly offensive vehicles? These vehicles are, in and of themselves, a statement. And the public roadway is a public forum vis-a-vis the 1st Amendment.

Why not make the potential buyer of a high-end SUV consider the fact that their vehicle might be targeted for this kind of political expression?

We could make it a liability to own these vehicles. It already IS a liability for all of us, and our society.

All it would take is 1000 people and one night to begin the campaign.

Are you scared of what this might lead to? Me, too. But at this point, I’m even more scared we’re going to waste our time on feel-good bulb replacement drives and peaceful marches that merely confirm what most people laready [sic] know: GCC is a major, immediate threat to our planet.

I think we’re past that point, friends.